Zhengzhou City Social Society has no new positive cases for 12 consecutive cases.

The conference site. People’s network is in Siyuan Photographs, Zhengzhou, November 16th (Yu Siyuan) On November 16th, from Zhengzhou New Crown Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control twenty-four news conferences, as of 16:00, Zhengzhou City has no new positive cases for 12 consecutive days; this round of epidemic accumulation is 53 cases, including 37 cases in Fuyang, 12 cases of New Miki, 4 cases of Jinshui District. At present, 2 cases have been cured. At the press conference, Li Huifang, deputy secretary general of the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, introduced that from the confirmed cases in Zhengzhou City, except for 2 patients who have detected the test found in Jiayu Town, November 4, secondary infected people mainly The isolation point is generated, no cases of abortion occur, and the prevention and control area has been accurate science. At present, Zhengzhou City has no new positive cases for 12 consecutive days.

In response to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, it is determined by the Zhengzhou New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. From now on, there is a south of "Xinmi City Liuzhai Town, X048 County Road, west, Zhendong Road, Silver East, Northeast angles to the Western Region to the Western Region in the Western Wall, the Northeast Corner to the Western Region ". Other control areas and medium-risk areas will be released in time with the relevant regulations as the relevant regulations. It is reported that this round of epidemics, Zhengzhou City accumulates 1882 people, and secondary people.

Li Huifang said, on the 16th, the day was concentrated in 11931 (9048 isolation personnel, 2378 staff, 505 items), the results were negative; the current Zhengzhou City has carried out more than 10 nucleic acid detection of the key population. Ten thousand people were detected, and the infected people were screened in time.

On the 15th, the 3rd round of nucleic acid detection of the 8th district (city), a total of 10,000 people were detected, and the results were negative.

In this round, Zhengzhou City has conducted 3 rounds of nucleic acid detection on the 8 districts (cities) of the epidemic in the event of the epidemic and diagnosed personnel, a total of 2.3 billion passes, and the results are all negative.