Xuancheng Jude: Minsheng has no small things to enter the heart of Zhong’an online Xuancheng Channel

  "The better, thanks, thanks to the help of the party and the government. Now I have a job with my daughter, and my family can slowly save it, and the days later can be expected.

"Zhang Yubi said. In early November, when Sun Village, Sun Village, Suncun Town, Suide County, helped to visit the contact, happy land and the poverty Zhang Yugen calculated his family’s 2021 income:" There is more than 6,000 yuan per year, and the forest staff There are more than 6,000 wages in the year, and you will work for a year, about 60,000 yuan.

So, your family has a total of about 80,000 yuan, and there is more than 10,000 yuan in per capita income.

"Just in 2017, Zhang Yubin’s livelihood can be said to be pressure.

Zhang Yugen’s wife Jiang Chunyou had a child’s late period, and often went to Wuhu and other places to do dialysis. They can only play the division of the parts to earn some meager income and barely insurance. The daughter and the son-in-law have just divorced the granddaughter in the county. A family is facing less income and a big expense. The village cadres are in the eyes, urgent in their hearts, always think about some ways to help them solve the problem.

Many visit, the situation has been understood over and over again, and the detailed records have been afraid of 纰 纰 纰. Put the problem of a good idea to the relevant department of the town.

After applying for review, Zhang Yuguo was rated as a poverty in 2017. The village committee also applied for the low-warrant subsidy for Zhang Yugen’s wife Jiang Chunyou, more than 500 yuan per month, and the cost of going to-and-return dialysis and medical expenses were included in the medical insurance reimbursement. The cost is almost unfosit. The financial subsidies such as "family economy difficult students are exempt from scientific expenses" have reduced education. At the same time, Sun Village Town Government hired Zhang Yugen to take 500 yuan for Sun Village, and then increased by 6,000 yuan, and also enjoys the "351" "180" and other policies.

A family’s life is gradually improved, and it is smoothly povered in 2020.

  People’s livelihood is not small, and everything goes into the heart. Minsheng project has helped a lot of difficult families, let them feel warm, everyone’s days are getting more and more expensive. (Zhang Qin).