Building a regional medical service "Qinghai Highland" to build a high-level hospital "Qinghai Peak"

Zhu Yong, deputy governor of Qinghai Province, Xing Ruoqi, deputy director of the Ministry of Health and Health, Ministry of Health, China, attended the ceremony and speaking. 4 national high-level hospitals such as Zhongri Friendship Hospital and 4 hospitals such as Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital and the responsible comrades have made statebications.

Yan Yong pointed out that the national regional medical center pilot project and cooperation to build a high-level hospital signing is a happy event in Qinghai people. It is also a major event in the process of health and health in Qinghai Province. It promotes high in Qinghai Province Quality development, "Qinghai Highlands" has milestone. 5 national high-level hospitals that wish to sign a contract, give full play to the strong professional and technical strength and first-class medical discipline, helping to support Qinghai Province to build regional medical services "Qinghai Highland", build the "Qinghai Peak" of Qinghai Province, Focus on strengthening talent training, establishing cross-provincial medical affairs, etc., and enhances the diagnosis and treatment capacity of Qinghai Province.

Xing Ruoi pointed out that strengthening the national regional medical center construction pilot and high level hospital construction is an important part of promoting the structural reform and deepening medical reform in the health and health field. It is a powerful grip that promotes high quality medical resource expansion and balanced layout. The major initiatives that are growing and healthy demand are a useful trial and exploration of high quality development in public hospitals. Zhang Qiang, Dean of Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital, said, "With the development of the ‘Health Qinghai’, the people have high quality pursuit of medical standards, today’s signing ceremony, Qinghai will have various aspects of scientific research level, medical equipment, medical services. Big span.

"On the same day, the Qinghai Provincial People’s Government and the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University signed a cooperative regional medical center framework agreement. Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital and Provincial People’s Hospital, Tsinghua University, Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital and Qinghai University Affiliated Hospital, Capital Medical University Affiliated to Beijing Anzhen Hospital and the Provincial Heart Cerevy Hospital, the Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, and the provincial women’s Children’s Hospital signed a cooperation to build a high-level hospital framework agreement. (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing more people Recommended reading.