Eighth Ministerial Meeting of China-Africa Cooperation Forum a complete success

  Xinhua News Agency, Dakar, December 1 – Local time on November 29 to 30, the eighth ministerial meeting of China-Africa Cooperation Forum held in Dakar. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao with Senegalese Foreign Minister Aisha Ta, economy, planning and cooperation minister Ott, co-chaired the meeting.

  Wang said that despite the impact of new crown pneumonia epidemic, China and African countries to overcome difficulties will run as scheduled, was pragmatic and efficient discussions around the theme of the meeting and reached broad consensus, a complete success. Wang Yi said that the meeting reviewed the development of China-Africa relations and China-Africa solidarity outcome of the fight against SARS since the China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit, considered the Beijing summit, "eight action" implementation, through a series of outcome document, to be the outcome of the previous meeting by file most of the time, high quality and fully reflects the high level of China-Africa cooperation, China and African countries highlights the new era and seek common development, meet challenges, share opportunities and firm determination. Wang said, we unanimously decided to continue to promote cooperation in the fight against SARS.

President Xi Jinping announced at the opening ceremony of China will provide 1 billion vaccine in Africa again, to get a non-party leaders and colleagues spoke highly of and enthusiastic response.

China will fully implement President Xi Jinping’s solemn commitment to continue to support intellectual property rights vaccine exemptions, to help Africa improve the localization of vaccine production capacity, to bridge the "immunity gap" as soon as possible, provide strong support for Africa to overcome the epidemic.

  Wang said, our in-depth discussion about the international situation and major issues of global governance, agreed to promote genuine multilateralism, firmly safeguard the United Nations at the core of the international system based on international law and international order, firmly safeguard the sovereignty of China and Africa , security and development interests, safeguard the common interests of developing countries.

Increase the representation and voice of developing countries, including African countries in the international arena, work together to build mutual respect, fairness and justice, cooperation and win-win new international relations.

  Wang Yi stressed that China-Africa Cooperation contrarian, show a strong resilience and potential. We want to implement the outcome of the meeting of this forum as an opportunity to better benefit the African people.

  One big strides along the broad road of building a new era of Sino-African community of destiny. Unswervingly take the road to development suited to their national conditions, to deepen the dialogue on governance, adhere to their own future and destiny into their own hands, firmly support each other in efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.

China and Africa to build "along the way", "Global Development Initiative" with the AU, "Agenda 2063", the building of FTA on the African continent and the African countries’ development strategies depth docking. The second is to open a new situation in Sino-African cooperation and quality and upgrade the quality of development.

Continue to adhere to the spirit of the forum jointly sharing, work to implement the "nine project", efforts to promote China-Africa cooperation to the health, improve people’s livelihood, green development, the digital economy, capacity-building and other areas of transformation and upgrading, as the economic recovery after the epidemic in Africa and to achieve sustainable development and make greater contributions.

China has always been Africa’s most sincere and reliable partner, China’s non-investment would only strengthen, not weaken. Third is to uphold the traditional friendship, so that China-Africa friendship from generation to generation.

Promote the "China-Africa friendly and cooperative spirit" in Chinese speaking Africa good story, tell a good story of China in Africa, China-Africa friendship a good contributor and maintainer. Strengthen youth and women exchanges, and actively care for and protect both the nationals, train more familiar with China-Africa relations, China-Africa Cooperation love, care power of China-Africa friendship, so that China-Africa friendship older spend eternity nurtured.

  Fourth, to defend the true multilateralism and uphold international justice. Uphold justice advocate China and African countries and other developing countries, and promote the international order more just and rational direction.

China is ready to make joint push for more non-national and international organizations "Global Development Initiative" and "Africa’s development partners to support the initiative," the formation of the international community to support Africa’s development a stronger force.

  53 African foreign ministers or representatives as well as economy, trade, finance minister, attended the meeting.

The participants congratulated the grand meeting was held, the success of President Xi Jinping spoke highly of the fruitful results announced major new initiatives and non-cooperation of non-cooperation achieved under the framework of the Forum.

They said that China has become an indispensable partner for Africa’s Development, the forum has become the most important non-cooperation of the accelerator.

Africa supports and will actively participate in "Global Development Initiative" and "Africa’s development partners to support the initiative," look forward to receiving greater support from China in the industrialization of Africa, the fight against SARS and other fields, is willing to build a high-quality "along the way", improving people’s well-being and achieve common prosperity. The Conference adopted the "Dakar Declaration", "Dakar Action Plan (2022-2024 years)", "China-Africa cooperation to deal Declaration on Climate Change" and the "China-Africa Cooperation in 2035 Vision." After the closing of the meeting, Wang Yi met with reporters with Aisha Ta.

  During the meeting, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao introduced the Beijing Summit of the "eight action" implementation, and on the "China-Africa Cooperation Vision 2035" made a presentation. (Editor: Yu Yang, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.