High-quality development to see Xi’an Project gathering services to support strongly – Xi Xianxin District strong implementation project to drive strategies to blow up the rule of the final season

The 20 key projects in Xixian New District started on November 16. Qin Chuangyuan Total Window Accelerates Promoting Innovation Carrier to provide hard support for innovation drivers.

On November 16th, with the shaler of the construction machinery, the Xixian New District expanded the four-quarter in the fourth quarter of 2021, the focus of the project was held in the Shandong New City. According to reports, 20 in this concentration started project, total investment billion yuan, including annual investment billion yuan, overall, high technology content, high development prospects, good service project, Guangsheng project, Guangfang, infrastructure project Strong linkability, etc.

The project starting in the fourth quarter is the concrete practice of the Xixian New District as the total window of Qin Chuanghara, strengthens industry support, and adhere to the specific practice of "heroes" in the project. Since this year, Xixian New District has continued to promote innovation and drivers, project drive, investment, and effective economic and social development, and good momentum. Data show, from January to October, the whole district introduced domestic-funded billion yuan, introduced foreign billions of US dollars, 414 key projects completed investment of 14.04 billion yuan.

Do a good job in the "faucet", a number of heavy projects, September 14, the new energy intelligent commercial automotive innovation center settled in the Xixian New District Qin Chuangyuan Platform, which will become my country’s new energy commercial automotive industry technology innovation, intelligent network association Development and Promotion Application of Automatic Driving Technology and Promoting Applied, High-growth Technology Enterprise Investment Incubation. On October 15, Qin Chuangyuan Huayun Northwestern Science and Technology Headquarters and Cloud Computing Joint Laboratory project contracted, including Huayunxin’s manufacturing industry, Huayun National Cloud Computing Joint Laboratory, Xinchuang Industry Fund, etc. On November 8th, Qin Chuangyuan · Qinchuan Group’s high-end industrial engine innovation base projects were signed to settle in Xixian New District, will give full play to Qinchuan Group as a leading role of "chain owners" in Shaanxi CNC machine industry chain, by creating high-end industrial machines Innovation base, build high-grade CNC machine tools group industrial clusters. A number of large projects have been settled in Xixian New District. Regardless of the project quality and investment quota, it can reflect the keywords of "industrial" "high quality" "innovative drive".

Why is the high quality project favor the Xixian New District? This is derived from the superb business environment of Xi’an New District and the service of the company’s intimate intention.

In this regard, the Longki Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Xi’an New District, Xixian New District, deeply in touch. Longji Group is a head enterprise in the domestic photovoltaic industry, the world’s largest solar single crystal silicon rod and silicon manufacturer. At the beginning of this year, Xixian New District has reached a cooperation with Longji Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and the total investment of 18 billion yuan "annual production 15GW high-efficiency single crystal battery and annual production 15GW high-efficiency photovoltaic module project" officially signed the settlement of Jihe New City.

After the project settled, Xixian New District gave all-round support, which was very obvious in the construction speed of the factory building. The annual production of 15GW high-efficiency single crystal battery project No. 1 is officially delivered on September 3, 2021. The construction of the factory has laminated 150 days. Compared with the original construction period, it is completed in advance; the overall construction progress of the project is about 3 in advance. moon. "In the construction of the factory, the Xinhe New City gives them a small surprise.

Complete the construction of No. 1 factory in advance, to successive sewage treatment plants, 110 kV substation and electricity outside, water supply, gas supply, heating line, municipal road, youth apartment, etc., etc. At the thoughtfulness and meticulousness of the river.

"Cao Yusu, general manager of Shaanxi Longke Le Ye Expo Sports Co., Ltd., said that only 10 months, the entire project has a large factory building, the construction of the living area has also been close to the end. Currently, Jinghe New City and Rongji Shares are tight Cut No. 2 factory, three factory building construction nodes, strive to achieve the overall production of the project in 2022.

"We have to firmly establish the consciousness of ‘ratio, struggle, grab, fight, and keep moving forward forever, self-gauge, self-transcendence; Fast, fast, fast, fast, effective, and continuously run the ‘acceleration’ of the project construction.

"The main responsible comrades of the Xixian New District Management Committee said on November 16th project centralized starting ceremony. When the" Nanny "quality financial services boost companies on November 15th, Xixian New District Qin Chuangyuan Total Window Enterprise Shaanxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. "Take the Beach" Beijing Stock Exchange, this news in various media "typing" in the province, have put a strong innovation of the Xixian New District Enterprises. The company is listed on the Xixian New District Quality Financial Services.

Only in the company’s listing, Xixian New District issued the "Xianxian New District on accelerating the development of financial services and multi-level capital market development," Dragon Gate Plan "and promoting the listing of the" Longmen Plan "and promoting the listed listing of the company in Xixian New District "Working Rules for Green Channel Mechanisms in Xixian New District", etc.

Science and technology innovation unless the fund "booster".

The listed service is only part of the "Baby" service. Xi Xianxin District Financial Office, Deputy Director, Yi Wei, since March this year, with the opening of Qin Chuanggen-innovative driving platform, Xixian New District Finance Office has launched a series of work around the total window of Xixi New District, and vigorously promoting financial Infrastructure construction, establishment, introduction of financial institutions, hold various financing docking activities, further expand the early financing channels of Kobodyn, accelerate the development of science and technology, finance and industries in Xixian New District.

Vigorously develop multi-level capital market, and also promote the importance of financial, scientific and technological, industrial integration, and Xixian New District Financial Services Team take the initiative to deepen the company’s first-line site to solve difficulties in planning listed enterprises, and actively serve the company’s listing, active and Shaanxi Shareholders and other exchanges.

In June this year, the Shaanxi Equity Trading Center officially launched the "Xihua New District Enterprise Zone". At present, there are 14 enterprises in Xixi New District, have been selected for the 2021 provincial listed backup enterprises in Shaanxi Province, and 41 companies in Shaanxi Equity Trading Center, and submit seeds for the Listed backup enterprises on Xixian New District. To be a strong "support" policy, the market entry is recognized before, and the market main data in the first three quarters of the Xixian New District was released. As of the end of September 2021, the number of market mains in the Xixian New District is strongly growing in the third quarter, the new registration market entity, the total amount of new registration enterprises, the total amount of individual industrial and commercial households, and the total amount of various market mains, the market main body The investment is active to won the "five first" in Xi’an. Behind the bright eye data is the work of the Xixian New District Series.

In September of this year, Xixian New District has issued 18 initiatives further optimized to improve the business environment, 10 measures to accelerate the construction of Yisheng Yeye, which announced the specific situation of 93 innovative vectors in the region.

Once the policy was announced, it attracted the attention of the majority of Winners.

Chen Zheng, founder of Mud Bucker Space, is one of them.

His incubator is located in the cultural and educational park, has produced more than 40 entrepreneurial projects, including nearly 20 incubation projects, financing nearly 100 million yuan. He said, "Xixian New District is a series of policies issued by Qin Chuanghara’s total window, covering the entire life cycle of enterprises, refined to service commissioner, financial support, office space, research and development reward, etc., is very suitable for start-ups, more Suitable for transformation of scientific research results in colleges and universities.

"On the road to strong support, Xixian New District and Xi’an Jiaotong University" Synerg ", continuously strengthen the" main engine "role as the western technology innovation port as the total window. On November 13th, Xixian New District Western Science and Technology Innovation Port The second phase of the A plate, the scene is a busy construction scene, which will build an innovative chain around the basic research, application research, design development, trial, improvement, production and sales, industrialization spread, etc.

As an important carrier area of ??Qin Chuanghara’s total window construction, it will provide 600,000 square meters of incubator physical space, 270,000 square meters of talent apartment, attracting innovative entrepreneurial talents. This is just a start. As early as November 5, Xi Xianxin District and Xi’an Jiaotong University signed a project cooperation agreement in Western Science and Technology Innovation Port. According to the agreement, both parties will jointly promote the construction of future technical colleges and Modern Industry, and the construction and incubator function of the college Bell integration, realizing the integration of education and education, the two parties of the school is shared, information sharing, complementary resources, and cooperative development. "Jiaotong University of Innovation is the ‘No. 1 Advantage of the High Quality Development of Xixi New Area. We will further strengthen the’ family ‘concept, further improve the docking coordination mechanism, and promote the construction of scientific and technological achievements and the construction of talents, and strengthen investment investment and optimization. Innovative ecology, non-legacy service supports the development of innovation port and Jiaotong University, accelerate the construction of Qin Chuanggen innovation drive platform to build a new level.

"The Party Work Committee of the Xixian New District is mainly responsible for comrades. (Xi Rongwei).