Agricultural Development Guangzhou Branch in-depth in-depth invested Village

In order to consolidate the poverty achievements, effectively connect the rural revitalization, recently, the leaders of the agricultural issuance of Guangchang County Branch lead the rural revitalization to help the towns in the town of Guangchang County for investigation. First, the research team talks with the village cadres and villagers, listening to the development of rural revitalization projects, understanding the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the village collective economic development, for help solving, detailed records, arrange The relevant personnel conduct coordinating treatment.

Subsequently, the research team inspected the rural revitalization project, and came to the rosemary planting, bamboo planting, the forest underground, the forest, and the forest, the forest, the forest, and the existence of the production and operation status and existence of these projects. Explore methods and measures to solve problems on site.

Next, the bank will take the opportunity of party history and education, continue to carry out "I do practical things for the masses" activities, and continue to promote rural revitalization projects, practice farm issued by actual actions, and practicing agricultural issuance with actual actions. The mission of supporting the farm country and the behavior of the people.

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