Good people good, good tea and world

Figure: Lin Zhenchuan (the first horizontal row of left) leads the team to local tea farmers to show the importance of tea garden quality and safety. Lin Zhenchuan, this name represents the chairman of Fujian Products Xiangmei Co., Ltd., the founder of China White Tea Leadership Brand, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Project of Fuding White Tea Production Arts Inheritance; Lin Zhenchuan thinks, tearing these labels, only one "Love Tea Man".

He said that I like to stand in a tea garden stationed in Fuding in my hometown. For a tea person, there is a constant motivation, which also contains a rich world, waiting for every tea industry practitioner to learn to explore.

Lin Zhenchuan’s ancestors moved from Anxi to Fuding, writing a good story of Fuding White Tea. This generation is already the twelfth generation. The name of "Zhenchuan" represents the family at him to revitalize the white tea industry and inherit the craftsmanship of white tea.

Since the first tea plant created in 1992, Lin Zhenchuan is in this nearly 30 years. "Safe, quality, price" three rest assured, listening to consumer’s voice Lin Zhen legend, can be born with tea, tea for tea, tea is a blessing, so he is often a grateful to tea.

"When you are full, I hope to do something to tea, what do you need to do? Only for me to do better, use a good product to return consumers. What is good tea? Is consumption Want to drink, drink, drink tea, is safe and clean, look good, standard affordable tea! "Lin Zhen Chuan believes that the brand and consumers have established" trust "relationships, in order to have persistent consumption heat And "Safe, Quality, Price" is the indicator of consumers to test a product.

"There are many kinds of Chinese tea, but standardized, brand-wide levels, facing such conditions, how do consumers buy? In fact, I have been convinced that Chinese people like tea, tea is in our blood, if you can Solve customer doubts, achieve safety, quality, price guarantee, then we can bring tea into thousands of households. "Safety is a big thing, it is related to consumer consumption and quality of life, but also the relationship between enterprises Responsibility, conscience and reputation.

Lin Zhenchuan said that the products have formed three-layer progressive safety standards: pollution standards – EU standards – organic standards. It is estimated that three years later, the product fragrant tea leaves the EU standard. At the same time, make sure every bubble is unbardous restroom, refined good tea without tea inclusions, is also a clean standard for products to be strictly developed.

"Product quality is the core of the company. On this way of cultivating products in this technology, it is not possible. We have been working hard to develop white tea automation and withered technology, Floral White Tea Process Technology, 2018 R & D Works White Tea Process Technology, a total of 45 utility model patents and 5 invention patents. "Lin Zhenchuan believes that a good product needs to have a good look (good shape, good color), drink (good aroma, good taste), standard (consistent, like one, In the table, one), characteristic (creation process and innovative technology). Among them, "standard" is particularly difficult to grasp.

"The birth of the old white tea benchmarking white gold series is to solve this difficult point.

The reason why it is called ‘benchl’, one is the standard product, its exterior is the trapezoidal tile, 5 grasmed, easy to carry storage; the second is the standard, each with the standard identity of ‘year, level, origin’ Certificate, bright ‘authentic’ from it.

For example, the white gold 1441, ’14 ‘represents the year of the raw material production is 2014,’ 4 ‘represents the tea grade sucking,’ 1 ‘represents the teaching of the Tea Origin Fuding Town, Zhiling Town, Zhiling Town; three is the standard product, we advocate’ Old white tea, boil, cook the taste, cook the health, cook the value. "Integrity, standardization, branding, direct consumption pain points to shape tea, to start from the source, which makes the tea production and manufacturing ends are particularly important. Lin Zhenchuan said that the current product incense has established an industrial consortium, in the countryside Establishing a primary system, management organization tea farmers are planted according to the company’s standards, and all United Tea Gardens do not use herbicides and chemical pesticides, causing fertilizers, only organic fertilizers.

In order to strict quality quality, the tea farmers are divided into 1 group, and each group of tea is regularly inspected, mutual supervision; also provides free biological agents for tea farmers, subsidic for 50% of organic fertilizer. This year, the products have made themselves "Rural Revitalization ‘3116’ Strategy", starting from 2019, 3 years link 100 villages, 10,000 tea farmers, 60,000 mu tea gardens, through intensive production, ensuring the safety quality of tea Reach the International EU standard.

"Don’t worry about your life, keep your strength. Who is our live force? It is a team of tea industry.

Baby is willing to guide them, help them, because they are the first protective wall of safe and secure tea, so their ideological awareness is very important.

The difficulty of organizing tea farmers is very difficult, but people and people say that they are also the exchange of heart. We visited the tea farmers to visit the tea farmers and organized you to learn to train, just to let the tea farmers know the importance of tea quality and safety.

"Lin Zhen legend, let the company + uniform + base + tea farmers, benefit according to the production standards, expanded, achieve better, safer raw materials supply chain; next, is intelligent, standardized production The system, gives the tea teacher’s corresponding business training, enhances production efficiency and product standardization. The above two steps are created, which is to establish a standardized production system and ultimately solve quality problems.

"In order to solve the price of price trust and product cost performance, product fragrance advocates promoting brandening.

"Lin Zhen Chuan said that Fuding and Beijing two sales centers are the sales window, and take the lead in implementing white tea brand chain. At the same time, in sales, innovation, build a white tea culture experience hall and white tea estate, implement sightseeing experience promotion Let consumers have the tangible value of tea "color fragrance", but also feel the invisible value of sincere service, warm heart culture, is the promise of the products to consumers. "Inner outer round", Practice the mission, boosting the industry Tengfei Lin Zhenchuan has a dream, that is, I hope that the Chinese white tea industry will become a million yuan in the future.

"White tea category has risen, the fire in the white tea market has confirmed its outbreak, for the development of the industry, the driving of each company in the back, if you want to achieve this goal, you need to do dozens of excellent enterprises as a industrial benchmark. I It is believed that every company must have a ambition of industry benchmarks! "Lin Zhen Chuan said that the company’s vision of the products is to be a tea brand with world influence. This needs to be strong, fine, do deep white tea industry, target locking white tea first brand; at the same time, the products are in the jasmine tea industry, doing ideals, doing people to love, jasmine tea. Based on two tea categories, strive to become a world-class tea brand.

The product of the fragrant enterprise logo is an abstract "product" word, covered in a big circle. Lin Zhenchuan explained that three "mouth" words "mouth", each "mouth" represents a value of the fragrance; together is: concentration pragmatic, upward, and fate.

"Baby fragrance focuses on the tea industry, only one thing in life; everything is starting from the actual situation, seeking truth from facts, is actually efficient, ‘Focus pragmatism’ is to work hard.

‘Dragon you’re "represents the product of the products, struggles, strives to fight, strive for innovation; be a conscience product, do the ultimate service, and assume social responsibility. It is our commitment to our ‘fate sharing’ with tea farmers, employees, customers, users.

"Three sentence values, is the quality of the products, strict requirements" inside "- do a good person, good people, good people, can synthesize a" outer circle "- do tea well, Good tea and the world.

"Good people are good, good tea and the world" are the company’s mission of product fragrance, Lin Zhenchi uses this slogan, intended to improve the spiritual quality of tea farmers, employees, distributors. "The heart is valuable, and the key is to practice the internal strength, make the soul, strong! People are, the tea is natural, it is good product to pass to consumers.

"Lin Zhenchuan also plans to open thousands of tea life homes in the country in the country, transform from the product store into a brand collection shop of porsum, let a cup of tea links thousands of households, warm and bright customers.

Lin Zhen Legend is "tea life", and his mission is to do what you can, show the best side of tea, and then guides consumers to know it. "In the face of this big topic, we have a good job to answer it!" (Editor: Liu Qing (intern), Li Wei) sharing more people to see.