Huawei responded "Best Buying Huawei Mobile": Fully understand and respect

  With the gradual upgrade of the US reviews of China’s technology companies, some US companies have given up cooperation with China and Enterprises from the government pressure. Reuters invoked people in the 22nd, saying that the largest consumer electron retailer in the United States will cut off with China Huawei company. The statement sent to the "Global Times" reporter, "Huawei attaches great importance to the relationship with all partners, fully understands and respects its choices", "Huawei sales products have reached the industry’s highest industry in security and privacy standard".

  "This is undoubtedly a blow for the displacement of Huawei in the US market share." . CNET, USA, has been working hard to enter retailers such as Amazon and New Eggs, etc. in the past few years.

  For this news, Huawei said 22nd, Huawei attaches great importance to the relationship with all partners, fully understands and respects its choice.

In view of commercial confidentiality requirements, it is inconvenient to disclose the specific details of both parties. A Best bought a spokesperson stated that the company could not comment on individual contracts with suppliers. Reuters analyzed that in the context of China-US trade relations, and in the context of continuous emerged with China’s security concerns, the United States has strengthened the review of China’s science and technology enterprises.

Since 2012, Huawei and ZTE have been questioned and restricted by the US.

According to the US media reported this year, Huawei’s original plan and the US telecom operator ATT reached a cooperation agreement to sell Huawei Mate10pro mobile phone, but before formal announcement, ATT decided to cancel cooperation due to the pressure from political borders. Shortly after this, the United States another major operator Verizon also terminated all Huawei mobile phone sales. Huawei said that the "Global Times" reporter said that Huawei sales of products sold in the United States not only reached the highest standards of security, privacy and engineering, but also passed the certification of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

"As of now, 46 of the global TOP50 operators are selling and using Huawei products. Enterprise users and consumers in more than 170 countries worldwide are all safe to use Huawei products." "Why is the United States so fear China’s largest technology company " [Reporter Zhao Jianzhen] +1.