Israel decided to expand Jewish settlements in Jerusalem

People’s Daily News Israel ’s Jerusalem Municipal Planning and Construction Commission officially announced that it has approved the establishment of 730 houses in the settlement of Pisgat Revit Jewish settlements in the northern suburbs of Jerusalem. Palestine claims that this is an aggression against Palestine.

According to the Palestinian "Tiantian" reported on the 12th, the settlement of the Jewish settlement of Pisgatt Jewish covers an area of ??70 Denom (about 1 hectare), and the city government in Israel decided to build 14 new buildings and 12 floors in it. A total of 730 uniform buildings. In addition, 10,000 square meters of commercial and service facilities should be built, as well as 10,000 square meters of public buildings for education, religion and cultural institutions.

Palestine’s "Lighthouse" pointed out that Israel’s continuous expansion settlement is a serious aggression against Palestine.

It is reported that according to Israel’s "Hebrew Channel 7" reports, the number of people in the settlement of the Israeli Jews has been increasing, an increase of 12123 in 2020, and a new 1,5890 people in 2021. By the end of 2022 Inside, the total number of Jewish settlers in Israel will reach 500,000.

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