Fengyang: Strive to create the people’s happy and satisfactory civilized city

Civilization is like water, moisturizing, civilization is the inner temperament of a city, and it is also the happy background of a city.

On April 27, Fengyang County was held to establish a provincial civilized city mobilization conference. On the basis of the title of "Anhui Province Civilized City Nomination City", Fengyang anchors to create the goal of the Civilized City of Anhui Province, the Civilization Creation Front focuses on the start of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan", starts a new journey, focuses on common management, links up and down, and linked to the county to fulfill the county in the county. The "muscles" of the power, the "bones" of the wisdom of all the masses, the achievements of civilization have achieved substantial results, and the people’s sense of gain and happiness have continued to increase.

Promoting the responsibilities of high levels and compactness, condensing the creation of the creation of this year is the year of acceptance of the provincial civilized city of Fengyang County. Promoting, continuously promoting the creation of civilized cities with higher specifications, greater efforts, and more realistic measures. The main responsible comrades of the county party committee and the county government carefully fulfilled the responsibilities of the first responsible person, and took the creation of the work as a "hand -in -hand project". Introduce a series of documents to implement and compact the responsibility of creating work. Fengyang County’s "community blowing whistle, departmental registration" system has been continuously improved, and the capital guarantee is guaranteed in place.

Over the past two years, the county officials in the county organized the responsibility network area, and made public propaganda from house to house. In the situation, the general public actively signed up, fights for volunteers, and participates in selfless dedication and enthusiasm.

Make up the shortcomings of infrastructure and shaped the image. Drum Township shows the new appearance "creation as the people" is the core of the creation of a civilized city, and it is also the meaning of a civilized city. The creation of a civilized city creates a happy life of the citizens.

The civilized city of Fengyang County must not only "face", but also "Lizi". Fengyang County has strengthened infrastructure construction with "long teeth" and continuously improves urban functions.

Fengyang County actively implements municipal improvement projects to promote the creation of civilized cities with greater efforts to consolidate hardware facilities; solidly promote greening projects, rely on civilized cities, and build a livable and suitable urban environment; vigorously implement old communities in old communities In the reconstruction project, more and more communities have achieved butterfly changes. Relying on the establishment of a civilized city in Fengyang County, the process of creating a city creation into a process of benefiting the people and uniting the hearts of the party and the people’s hearts became the process of improving management and implementing the process of "practicality for private". The construction of urban infrastructure projects has been promoted in an orderly manner, the quality of the city has been greatly improved, the urban functions are continuously improved, the image of the city is constantly shaped, the park is more, the city is greener, the road is wider, the streets are brighter, and the picture of civilized Fengyang is scrolls. It is unfolding slowly. A touch of "Volunteer Red", a beam of "moral light", painted the new fashion of civilization on March 3, Fengyang County 2022 Learning Activity Monthly Launches Ceremony and New Era Civilized Practice Volunteer Service Concentration Demonstration Activity At the event site, Fengyang County awarded the flag of 26 volunteer service detachments to improve the three -level volunteer service system of counties and villages.

Where the people are implemented by Fengyang County, the practice of civilized practice will extend to the concept there. Taking voluntary services as a carrier, with a civilized practice station (place) as the position, the civilized practice activities that the masses need, thinks, and hope are normalized. Stimulate the enthusiasm of the people to participate in the creation.

The wind of volunteers blows through the land of the Drum Township.

Fengyang County established 258 civilized practice stations (institutes), and 322 volunteer service teams were established. The county’s registered number of volunteers has reached more than 60,000 people. Since 2021, more than 1990 civilized volunteers have been carried out. The number of people exceeds 1,40,000, and the new wind of civilization practice is immersed in residents’ lives.

The light of morality, shining in the inside and outside. In recent years, the flowers of moral civilization have been spreading all over the earth. Up to now, 11 people have been rated by Fengyang County for good people; 19 people have been rated by good people and nominations in Anhui; 131 people have been rated by Luzhou good people; 1 national model of morality, 1 moral model in the province, and the city’s moral model (nomination) 15 People, they use practical actions to guide the whole society to form a good morality. Barry is only half of 90. Fengyang County will focus on the establishment of a civilized city around the "Six Focus and Six Population". The new stage of modernization of Da Mei Fengyang Construction.

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