Let the "Dasi Political Class" more active and three -dimensional (Education Review)

Original title: At the opening ceremony of the "Da Si Political Class" more active and three -dimensional (Education Time) at the Beijing Power Plant Primary School, the principal Xue Dong used excitement, sacred, glory, responsibility, responsibility, and forging 6 words to share with students. Feeling of the torchbearer; in the propaganda column of the first junior high school in Xinzhou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, the Winter Olympic Board drawn by students was posted; The story of the story … From the beginning of the new semester, the "Winter Olympics" has become the hot word for the start of school in primary and secondary schools across the country. action. For the majority of teenagers, the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only the first global comprehensive sports event held as scheduled since the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but also a vivid and three -dimensional "big thought class". Olympic athletes surpass themselves and never give up the spirit of sports; volunteers have no worries, enthusiastic and thoughtful volunteer services; cultural self -confidence passed by Chinese romantic romantic in the opening and closing ceremony; green, sharing, openness, and integrity of Olympic Olympic concept … The Winter Olympics lenses all show the spirit of Chinese and Chinese for the world, and also provide rich materials for school ideological and political education.

Through this "Da Si Political Class", more young students read the youthful and open and inclusive China, and also determined to practice the vow of "please rest assured, strong country and me" with practical actions. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "We must make good use of the" Da Siyazi Class ", and we must combine with reality.

"Whether it is the party’s century -old struggle history or preventing and controlling the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, the hard work of the country, the hard work of the first -tier cadres and the masses in the battle of poverty alleviation, the chapters of the era of hundreds of millions of Chinese have written and written in the era of writing are all thoughts. The most lively and vivid materials for political courses. Schools and schools at all levels should actively promote the reform and innovation of ideological and political courses, deepen practical teaching, make good use of social classrooms, combine history and reality, theoretical and reality, domestic in China In the associated with international, education guides students to consciously implement their ambitions into practical actions of down -to -earth, and combine the specific goals of learning struggle with the great goal of national rejuvenation. In recent years, schools and schools have actively promoted the ideological and political classrooms and society. The large classroom integrates and achieves obvious results: East China Normal University and a major memorial hall of the Communist Party of China, the Shanghai Revolutionary History Museum and other commemorative venues cooperate to build party history learning education site teaching sites to allow students to be volunteers, interpreters, build party history educating people, practice, and practice Education platform; Peking University’s "Situation and Policies" class combines class teaching with the lectures of the "Famous Teachers’ Lecture Hall", and conducts various forms of ideological and political education such as deep fields; Local humanities and natural resources integrate patriotic education and cultural inheritance … Today, the content of ideological and political classrooms is increasingly rich and more diverse, and the affinity and targetedness of ideological and political lessons are significantly enhanced. In addition to promoting teaching innovation, we must The "Dasi Political Course" is deep, strong, and temperature to show its unique charm. It is also necessary to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of teachers. Only in this way can the "Da Si Political Class" be more and more three -dimensional. Better guide students to look back at history, observe reality, create the future to grow into talents, and effectively play the role of bacon to cast souls, and bring together a magnificent youth for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

"People’s Daily" (05th edition of March 13, 2022) (Responsible editor: Zou Xing, Wei Xin) shared more people to see the client download.