Damn it?

Auntie Sweeper was severely scolded by the manager,Said she was dizzy,Auntie full of grievances,But I didn’t know that this was Zuo Ci’s method,The two-meter-high Little Red Riding Hood is lying naked in the basement of a deserted community in the suburbs,Zuo Ci was busy on the sidelines。
I saw Zuo Ci first disinfected Little Red Riding Hood’s arm with medical alcohol,Then take out the disposable syringe,Drew a tube of blood from Little Red Riding Hood。
First, make a glass slide and observe it under a microscope,The cells are full and full of tension,He nodded in satisfaction,Then add various reagents to the blood sample,Then carefully take out the golden core he refined,Cut a small piece and threw in,Wait for the reaction result。
after an hour,Zuo Ci once again made the blood sample into a glass slide and placed it under the microscope for observation,The results obtained this time made him inexplicably excited,So I took out a complete golden pill,Directly into Little Red Riding Hood’s mouth,Throat throbbing,Little Red Riding Hood ate Golden Core in a coma。
The next step is to observe and record the time,Little Red Riding Hood has never had a big reaction,Zuo Ci feels there will be results for a while,Got up and went out。
Not long after Zuo Ci left,Little Red Riding Hood, who had been lying on the chopping board, woke up,He is not tied,Normal limb movement,The hairtail tattooed on his chest and arms shows that he is not a good stubble,He sat up,Look around,Obviously at a loss,Haven’t figured out what happened,Shook his head,Then I found various sensor collectors attached to my body,Suddenly furious,Tear it up,About to flee,Suddenly found a fire axe put aside,Sneered。
Zuo Ci bought a bunch of food and drink,As soon as I opened the door, I heard a gust of wind,An air-conditioner went straight to the forehead,Zuo Ci is very skilled,The figure dodges the fatal blow,I saw the cold light struck down,Almost opened his head,Little Red Riding Hood has found out that he has been tricked,Frustrated,Decided to bloom flowers for the person in front of you,I saw others tall,Slash with a sharp weapon,Fire axe,Cold light,It’s also aggressive when waving,Push Zuo Lao Tie into a mess。
But is Zuo Lao Tie an ordinary person?,Cultivating immortals for hundreds of years,How can a reformer make a mistake in front of him,I saw him shake,Little Red Riding Hood has pushed his opponent to a dead end,Chop down,Happy,You’re not dead this time?
No blood splattered,No screams,Little Red Riding Hood was surprised to find that Zuo Ci had become two,The axe in his hand is a phantom,The force was too strong just now,Can’t stop rushing forward,Then it went black,Zuo Ci suffered a severe injury to the back of his neck。
Zuo Ci’s strength is good,It stands to reason that his blow was enough to knock a cow out,Let alone stun someone,But Little Red Riding Hood just shook,Turned and looked at Zuo Ci,Scream,Continue to pounce towards Zuo Ci,Look terrifying。
When Little Red Riding Hood rushed over,His body has also changed,Ten Finger Ji Zhang,Nail popping,Turned into claws,The muscles and arms that were unusable in the original exercises quickly swelled into muscle knots,As solid as a rock,The transformed Little Red Riding Hood is powerful,All the things in the basement were demolished in the crash。
Zuo Ci took a look at this scene,Brighten up,Succeeded!Cheer up,Fight with Little Red Riding Hood,At first Zuo Ci still had a hand,As a result, he was beaten by Little Red Riding Hood, who was transformed into Wolverine.,With a low roar,The basement was demolished into a garbage dump,Splashing fire pipes。
After verifying the power of Jindan,,Zuo Ci stopped being merciful this time,Transformed into eight shadow clones,When Little Red Riding Hood didn’t know which to cut,One of them, Zuo Ci, cheated forward,Tap the acupuncture path first, then grab the fire axe,Jump up and chop……
Solved the little red riding hood,Zuo Ci took out the gusset bag he carried with him,This is what he has been carrying for hundreds of years of practice,Never leave,Hide well,Even Yang Pingfan didn’t know that there was such an artifact,I saw him open the bag,From the feet of Little Red Riding Hood,Like a python swallowing an elephant,Will be two meters tall,Little Red Riding Hood weighing at least two hundred and fifty catties stuffed in,Fasten the pocket,Still hanging around the waist,As light as nothing。
Then Zuo Ci cleaned up the debris in the basement,He left the room and strolled around and left to find Yang Pingfan。