“Liu,Every time you come, you give me a big surprise,Come this time,Brought me something good again?”

General Gulle speaks Spanish with a strong Quechua accent,But Liu Yuan can communicate with him without any obstacles,“General,You are really direct,Don’t you allow me to come over and talk to my old friends for a glass of juice??”
General Gull laughed,Laughter,“Liu,Although I stay in the jungle,But it doesn’t mean I don’t know anything,You are in a civilized world,That’s a world-class star,How could you come to me this bad old man free?”
“The general is a refreshing man,I won’t be oblivious,”Liu Yuan picked up an unknown cold drink on the table,Before Guo Xiong has time to stop,I feel bored,“What I asked the general to prepare in the email last time,Are all ready?”
Seeing Liu Yuan, General Gule got bored,Laugh happier,I also took a bite out,Hissed,“Of course,Purchase exactly according to your list,Even sent someone to Miami,But it cost me a lot of money。”
Liu Yuan drank that glass of wine,Red face,Ha ha smiled,“Don’t worry, general,You will definitely think the money is worth it later。”
“is it?I can’t wait to see it,Or just now?”
“of course can,as you wish。”
General Gule left the villa with three people,Guo Xiong comes up,Low channel:“boss,You just trust each other,This thing can’t be imported casually……”
“General Gule was trained by Lao Maozi when he was young,Learned Lao Maozi completely,Sometimes you have to respect people’s hobbies,Do not worry,This wine is fine,It’s vodka with some other wines。”
Liu Yuan shook his head hard,Get rid of the dizziness on the head,A group of people have come to a building hidden in the jungle,This building is a detached house,No other buildings around,The split logs are connected together,And only one floor,Looks small,It looks like the original forest hut,There is a platoon of soldiers guarding it outside,Meet General Gulle,Raise hands in uniform salute,Clean action,It shows that after training,General Gull simply raised his arm as a return。
The adjutant opened the door,Everyone enters inside,Li Suifeng couldn’t believe his eyes,The guerrilla camp feels like man and nature,However, the layout of this building made him feel like he had entered Resident Evil.、The dungeon of the umbrella company。
The wooden building outside is just a disguise,The interior of the building is spliced with silver armor plates,Rows of alloy cabins are neatly arranged in order,Like a coffin,whiteLEDUnder the light,Reflecting a halo,Although it’s empty inside,But you can know the size by visual inspection,These are for people。
In the middle of the building is the console,Several technicians in white coats are busy,On the ceilingledThe lamp emits a soft white light,Makes it full of science fiction,If it wasn’t for wearing camouflage uniforms around,Soldier standing upright,Li Suifeng thought he had come to a high-tech laboratory。
Liu Yuan is not surprised,Go straight to the front of the console,Take out a denture from your mouth,Pour out a small silver chip from inside,Then he whispered to the staff next to him,The man handed over something similar to a card reader,Liu Yuan put the chip into the card reader,Then plug it into the host computer on the console,Start to crackle and operate。
Ten minutes later,He breathed a sigh of relief,“General Gulle,Ok。”
“It’s that simple?”General Gull’s eyes flashed suspiciously。