Liu Yuan who was almost assassinated once,Obviously I will no longer despise myself,Just when he is about to land,All the glass in the first, second and third floor of the building was blown up at the same time,The white glass particles are pouring out like a galaxy,Instantly occupy all the space in front of the building。

The first batch of ambushers appeared at the top of the stairs,They are the first to receive the order,Maybe their purpose is to catch alive,Or kill Liu Yuan on the spot,But no matter which command,Destined to be unknown。
The chaotic glass shards flew head-on as the ambushers showed up,The maximum speed when the glass is broken can reach two thousand kilometers per hour,Countless pieces of glass slag shone like a streamer on the body,Make the ambushers scream in pain,But this is just an appetizer,Large swarms of buzzing fragments are here……
The first batch of ambushers were repeatedly pierced by glass shards and turned into sack-like things, fell on the ground and twisted into a ball,But for other ambushers,The real debris rain is coming。
The sky suddenly shines,Thousands of colorful lights disperse the dim night sky instantly,Countless flying fragments refract the surrounding light,The shards of glass like a galactic water curtain form a gorgeous crystal waterfall,Golden light flashing,All kinds of dazzling or soft light show a miracle in the open space in front of the building。
The miracle is fleeting,With a bang, the oncoming group of armed men exploded out dusty crystal grains of sand,The golden light shimmers like a wave,Like a golden ocean,A moment in the golden light ocean,The vegetation in the flowerbed was devastated,The dense plants seem to be swallowed by a black hole,Most of it disappears in the blink of an eye,No more plants in the blink of an eye,The noise and noise of the broken air is stronger than the processing workshop of the factory。
Liu Yuan manipulated this shrill scream under the gorgeous golden light,Looking at the attackers,fully armed,Holding various NATO active weapons in hand,Although the armband on the uniform has been torn off,Do not see the origin of nationality,But Liu Yuan still guessed who was plotting him。
Liu Yuan sneered,Retreat into the hall,Countless glass powder followed in his footsteps,Roll in like a dragon,Surrounded him and the car。
Elevator entrance not far away,Numbers are rapidly decreasing。
First451chapter Bloody battle in the hall
The number on the LCD screen quickly jumps to1,Ding dong,Elevator doors open,The opponent is a professional soldier,But I chose to take the elevator.,It’s not stupid,But want to show contempt for Liu Yuan。
Liu Yuan puts too much psychological pressure on the white nobles。