Put away the starship,Lei Luojing looked back at Shilu subconsciously,No one was following,Then I patted my breast lightly,Bounced into Lu Bincheng,In accordance with the custom of Dongtianfudi,No sergeant guards the entrance and exit gates of any city,And did not charge any fees。

Came to the city unimpeded,Lei Luojing has money in her hands,Bought a pack of Lingguo to eat,The Lingguo she bought is expensive,The kind that ordinary people can’t afford,After all, Lei Luojing is also a powerhouse,I have not seen one in Lu Bincheng for hundreds of years,It’s different if it’s changed to Tianjing City,Tianjing City is where Lei Tianzi and others live,It’s the politics of Dongtianfudi、economic、military、Cultural core,Don’t say it’s a powerhouse,Even the strong in the realm of true immortality can see it。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Seven Meet
“Little sister,Little sister……”
Suddenly someone yelled after Lei Luojing。
Look back,It turned out to be a little boy with black cheeks in a beggar’s clothes,It seems to be about sixteen or seventeen years old,Chasing Lei Luojing’s ass and shouting。
“Who are you calling?”Lei Luojing is furious,She’s only eleven years old, OK??There is still more than a month to be twelve years old。
It’s just that Lei Luojing’s cultivation level is higher,Give people a sense of pressure,Intuitively gives people a very mature impression,Plus taller,Majestic expression,So she is often regarded as a girl older than her actual age。
The boy saw Lei Luojing get angry,Immediately speak up,I can’t help rubbing the corners of my clothes with my hands,Don’t know what to do。
Lei Luojing’s ferocious expression immediately became as kind as a spring breeze,Smile:“Little brother,Are you calling me?”
“what——”Teenagers are very smart,Follow Lei Luojing’s words:“Little sister,I’m calling you。”
“be good,give you to eat。”Lei Luojing is very happy,For a long time,She has only subordinates and siblings,Not a friend,It’s also very rare to meet someone who speaks so casually,Give the spirit fruit to the teenager。
“Delicious,Sister, where are you going?”The teenager praised,Obviously didn’t eat enough,But stopped asking Lei Luojing for spirit fruit,He is not a fool,Understand that such a delicious spirit fruit must be valuable。