just,A pity,Although this woman with cataracts has a little white skin,but,The facial features are quite delicate,It’s a little bit like the former star Tong Liya。

“it is good。”Mr. Big,Then understand。
Yan Ruyu should be worried about the identity of Taoist heirs being exposed,and so,Kill the night watchman directly,really,He doesn’t understand the world of the strong。
only,This is a night watchman after all,Now he died in Shuangqiu Mountain,There will be no less troubles in the future,It’s better to destroy the body quickly。
Look at each other,All knowing smile。
Yan Ruyu showed an attitude of not blaming Mr. Da,What happened to the night watchman?Although I am also a night watchman,but,As long as you know‘Daozong Ancient Borrow’Secret,Kill all。
And Mr. Da also showed understanding,Kill well,Kill well,Croaking gesture,Now that I know the Taoist identity of the son,Of course it should be killed?
At this moment,The sound of tree branches being trampled off from outside the temple。
“somebody is coming!”
Yan Ruyu, Mr. Da, and Little White Fox were almost surprised at the same time。
And at the same time,There was a shout。
“Sell coffins,Freshly made willow coffin……Ancestral craft……This brother is……what?!”The shout stopped abruptly。
Yan Ruyu and Mr. Da’s heart sank at the same time。