“Any cultivator needs Dan Guo to advance,As long as the cultivation level is improved,Any baby in the world is at your fingertips,Where else would anyone be willing to sell it??Mr. Lei, don’t even think about it,Only the number of Danguo is not enough every year,No one sells the truth。”

“Oh I see。”Lei Tianzi echoed a sentence,But I don’t agree,As long as the price is right,Where is the baby that can’t be bought?I’m afraid that even if someone sells it, it will go on quietly,I won’t beat the gongs and drums to promote it。
Dong Fangyu enthusiastically produced three jade medals for Lei Tianzi to prove his identity,It means to be born in Qipi Village,Pass the jade card to Lei Tianzi,Dong Fangyu said:“This is the identity card given to you for the sake of the spirit pill brought out by the distinguished guests,You can walk freely in Qidan Continent in the future,No one will embarrass you。”
I’m not too afraid to encounter troubles that cannot be solved,Tianzi Lei thanked Dong Fangyu for his kindness,Handed the jade plaque to Tian Qi and Tian Lu very cherished.。
Turn around for a day,The three of Lei Tianzi bid farewell to Dong Fangyu,Continue to travel to the depths of Qidan Continent,A week later,They found the nearest city,Look at the Chinese characters on the gate,Write“Kaiqi City”Three characters,The information is exactly the same as Dong Fangyu。
After paying the god crystal,The three Lei Tianzi entered the Kaiqi City proudly,Because they are all immortal cultivators in the solid foundation period,Still a relatively advanced master on this continent,The immortal cultivators passing by all feel the pressure from the strong,Hurriedly flashed on the side of the road, bowed and saluted。
Many cultivators secretly looked at Tian Qi and Tian Lu’s two daughters,These two female fairies were carefully selected from hundreds of millions of people,The temperament is very tasteful,Clean skin and beautiful facial features,Dazzled many people,A glance is not enough,I always want to take another look。
Lei Tianzi’s eyes cast a glance,Just put the expressions of the people around you,Could not help but sneer:“You people,So courageous,Even female fairies who are higher than you dare to covet。”
He couldn’t help but remember that he took Qiao Huiru to Penglai mainland,Attracted many lustful cultivators out of the city to hunt down,But he was ambushed by Emperor Lei。
It seems that no matter where you go,Not lacking“Death under the peony,Be a ghost”Character。
Lei Tianzi is also lascivious,But not indecent,It’s even more impossible to spy on a beautiful female fairy,Even the beautiful people left by Mr. Suijing,He didn’t get anything,Every woman who is with him,Except for Lonana and Luan Die,Did not disappoint anyone,Luo Nana and Luan Die are also due to physical problems,Can’t practice at all,Instead of entangled,It’s better to let go early,Find new happiness while young。
Let go if you love deeply,Is also an attitude。
This is Lei Tianzi’s outlook on life,It’s not that it’s unreasonable。
Many immortal cultivators in Kaiqi City made Lei Tianzi dismissive,The vast majority of people in this world cannot cultivate to a high level,A long life,It’s nice to be safe,Can’t compare them with Lei Tianzi with the same mentality。
Tianzi Lei’s mood is very calm,No ups and downs,When you see a shop on the side of the road, go in and stroll around,Ask what weird baby here,Buy what you like,His vision is very high,Very harsh on the value of the baby,Ordinary things can’t enter his dharma vision。
Tian Qi Tian Lu followed him to the scoring is not clear,Shouted:“grown ups,Let’s rest,Go on like this,My legs and feet are broken from exhaustion。”
“The cultivator still cares about taking this little road?”Lei Tianzi said in disbelief。
“This Xiongtai doesn’t know how to pity Xiangxiyu,How about finding a place with high mountains and clear water for a drink?”A hearty voice came from nearby。
Look back,Is a white celebrity。
Lei Tianzi’s eyes narrowed,I didn’t see through the level of cultivation of the white-clothed Xiu Shi,Intuition thinks this person is definitely not in the period,At most, slightly higher than one’s own level,He arched his hands and said:“Mr. Xia Lei,May I ask Xiongtai Zun’s name??”