“am I right?If it is water,Isn’t it wearing Bang now??”Qin Shufang watched this scene with a smile on his face,Doesn’t seem to be surprised。

“……”Flower Fox Silence。
He can confirm……
This woman named Wei Yu is more than a lunatic,and,Still a‘Old color batch’No doubt。
“Great elder,It’s almost time for the fourth brother to enter the family,According to the gauge,Twelve o’clock after midnight,We are going to send the fourth brother to Huang Yuanyuan。”Mr. Da came over at this moment,Speak softly。
“Ok。”Hua Fox nodded,I looked up again at the full moon that was already hanging up in the sky,He naturally knows what Mr. Big meant。
“Did you send someone to watch Young Master Yan?,Wait for him to wake up?”Mr. Da asked again。
“It can only be so。”After Hua Fox was silent for a while,Nodded gently。
In fact,Before he invited Wei Yu and others over,So Hu Sanniang has collected the Dao Zong ancient loan in Yan Ruyu’s hands in the temple。
His original plan was to hope that Yan Ruyu would personally take Daozong’s ancient borrowings on the road,But if Yan Ruyu never wakes up,So I can only stay in this demon temple。
“Master Yan is the fifth-ranked light ambassador of our night watch department,He can’t stay here。”Qin Shufang heard what Huahu and Mr. Da said,The corner of the mouth raised slightly。
They didn’t really go to Huangpiling this time‘Guard’of,and so,Of course it is impossible for Yan Ruyu to stay in the fox cave,after all,Yan Ruyu is a counterfeit product。
“But Master Yan can’t wake up now,What to do?”Flower Fox looks at Qin Shufang。
“Do you have a sedan chair here?”Qin Shufang didn’t directly answer Huahu’s question,But to ask。
“sedan chair?Only prepared a sedan chair,What’s the use of a sedan chair??”Huahu doesn’t quite understand what Qin Shufang means。