Gan Xiaoxiao mumbled:“I think you are not a good person,Knives at every turn……”

Wu Changan saw this in the cabin,A little worried:“Second uncle,Do you see if they two have feelings?”
Yu Erye lightly sighed:“Smile this kid I grew up watching,Is a good boy,It’s a pity to be born in such a family。Impossible for them two,Don’t worry about it,Not all along。”
Wu Changan nodded,“I don’t look like a fellow。”
Boat trip in the lake,To the last waters,Gan Yifan casually pointed a direction,Old stubborn head is like a treasure,Le Diandian drove forward。
“Stop here。”Not long,Gan Yifan has something to stop,Take off your clothes and enter the water。
Yu Erye and Wu Changan also came to the bow,Although several people know that Gan Yifan is not afraid of cold,Good water,But I still feel a chill when I see him jump into the cold lake。
Erye Yu tightened his thick padded jacket,A little worried:“Water in this weather,Don’t be so cold。”
Gan Xiaoxiao said:“Don’t worry Erye,The temperature was slightly higher last week,But it’s not much worse,Yifan jumped directly into the water like this,The old stubborn uncle and I waited for a long time without seeing anyone,Also scared us,Who thought he threw Luo Fei directly on the boat?,Nothing。”
Gan Yifan didn’t go to the cave at the bottom of the lake this time,The monster has driven three variants of tilapia over,He did not dive as long as last time,Throw three big Luofei aboard in less than fifteen minutes,It makes the old stubborn messy,With the help of Wu Changan, the three big Luofei were knocked into the ice storehouse。
Get ashore almost ten o’clock,Gan Xiaoxiao didn’t stay too much,Give Gan Yifan a clear fish and buy a car from Wangyue Pavilion,Gan Yifan transferred the money for renting a fishing boat to the old stubborn,Follow Yu Erye to watch the dog at Dazhu’s house in the east of the village,Wu Changan also followed。
There are fewer residents in the east end of the village,Mountainous terrain,Dazhu’s house is at the foot of the mountain,The mountain behind the house is his family contracted to plant fruit trees,There are still some guests picking apples on the mountain this season。
When a few people came,Da Zhu accompanied guests on picking apples on the mountain,Dazhu’s father is waiting for them at home。
Dazhu’s father looks like an honest fruit grower,But look closely at his eyes and you will find,The habitually squinted eyes have a fierce look,I guess the old hunter would be like this,Seeing everyone is like a prey。
Dazhu’s father doesn’t know what it is,Erye Yu calls him stigma,Wu Changan called him the old stigma,Gan Yifan also called Uncle Old Zhu。Situations like this are actually very common in rural areas,Old stubborn like this,What else is there?,Old clubs。
Old stigma is very enthusiastic,I was very enthusiastic when I saw Gan Yifan,I guess I’ve never received the favor of Gan Yifan’s parents before。
I know it’s Gan Yifan who wants to raise a dog,Without saying anything, immediately take Gan Yifan up the mountain。