If this thing ends like this,Is that the fate of Ji Yao?,You lied to Zhang San and then Li Si。

later,The day when two people meet,The fate of Ji Yao changed。
Xiaolan lives at home,Lei Tianzi gives her tens of thousands of yuan every month,It’s an extra servant,Qu Qiuyan and Han Sibo are still lazy,Let Xiaolan work secretly,They both are idle,More free and easy than the boss。
Chapter Thirty Rescue surgery
Lei Tianzi is a person who can’t stay idle,Let Qiao Li investigate where the clay in the Tianzang Valley can be used to make ceramics,Spend money to hire a geologist for sampling and testing,Finally, kaolin was found twenty miles east of Qiao Li’s house.,This soil has high temperature resistance,Strong adhesion,Good plasticity and other characteristics。
Then began to invest in the construction of a porcelain kiln。
Qiao Li doesn’t need to do it himself,Just spend money to hire professionals to do things,Qiao Huiru has a lot of light color copper powder in his hand,That is a treasure that turns stones into gold。
The light color copper powder is in Qiao Li’s hands,Take it out every day and add a little bit into the embryo in the porcelain,The fired ceramic is exactly the same as the jade carving,The fetus is smooth and delicate,Strong and beautiful,Suddenly worth a hundred times。
After the ceramic comes out of the sample,Lei Tianzi immediately put Qiao Huiru into mass production,And I reserved more than 100,000 pieces,The specifications are made in advance by Lei Tianzi,Must have exactly the same porcelain bottle。
As for the cost of production,Lei Tianzi is not short of money,Let Sinan Sui pay the bill to the ceramic factory。
Lei Tianzi mainly sees that the ceramics made are too exquisite,The remaining porcelain bottles are all filled with spirit pills,The things that the cultivators use are top-notch,Otherwise,People think that the pill is defective,Directly discounted the value of Lingdan,That’s not a problem that money can solve,Will affect the foundation of cultivation。
Qiao Huiru learned that the porcelain bottle was used to hold the elixir,Specially invite art school professors to design several beautiful porcelain vase patterns,Please choose one,Those cranes、The pattern of green pine Lei Tianzi can’t see it at all,He said:“Crane、Qingsong is respected by you people on earth,Cultivators treat creatures other than humans as monsters,Even the fine pine is not a good thing。”
At last,The design plan was changed to the image of Jiang Yuehan,That’s the beauty of the female fairy,The body is exquisite and fluttering,Inhumane fireworks,Tianzi Lei really agreed,Is this pattern。
For this matter,Jiang Yuehan also asked him for a fee for the use of portrait rights,Tianzi Lei readily agreed,I don’t think I have a special relationship with Jiang Yuehan and I can use her beautiful face for free。
Reopen,Luan Die arranged for Lei Tianzi to be inserted into the list of interns,Lei Tianzi is only short of internship results,And Lei Tianzi said he will be busy next year,As the layout and elixir mature,Will start large-scale harvesting of training resources,Lay the foundation for entering the starry sky in the future。
With the help of Luan Die, the tutor and his wife,Lei Tianzi’s internship site did not leave Yanshangjing,But in the affiliated hospital of Jiyuan Medical University,Many medical university students need to practice in small hospitals thousands of miles away,Running back and forth without talking,There is still a lack of opportunities to contact famous doctors and patients with incurable diseases,Issues that directly affect work after graduation,Working in a big hospital is definitely a good deal,High salary,Will be more respected in the future。
When Lei Tianzi went to report,Half a month late,There are only two reasons,One is that he is jumping in line,Time was delayed with the procedures,Secondly, his time is too tight,And travel is irregular,Luan Die can’t influence his schedule。