“She came to find her husband, right??”Lei Tianzi said with a sneer,He doesn’t care,Spells of this kind must have harsh conditions,Never mind。

Soon,A man jumped on the ring to challenge the winning female fairy,When a woman casts a spell,The man also reached out and snapped his fingers,then,Man sinks into hallucinations,The woman is also sleepy,The man woke up in less than three minutes,Looking at the woman with complicated eyes,At last,Slowly stretched out her hand and choked off the woman’s throat,Her face changed, her hands were cut and a flame of extremely high temperature burned the woman clean。
Anything is better,Deaths and injuries are allowed,The female fairy didn’t kill her opponent just now because of her kind heart.,This time she died but no one saved her,It can be seen that the world is unpredictable,Life and death,Life and death,In a blink of an eye。
One is merciful to another,But I don’t know I’ve become someone’s prey。
Lei Tianzi sighed,Shook his head,Feel sorry for the dead woman,If she sells a magic spell,Lei Tianzi may still find a way to save her,This woman is too stubborn,I always thought her spells were invincible,No one will be pitiful even if he is dead。
The victorious man walked back and forth on the stage,Looks very proud,Yuan Li sees it,Said:“This person is simply too arrogant,I will teach him。”
“You are not his opponent,The spell he uses is called《Heavenly Dream》,Even advanced immortals will be recruited。”Lei Tianzi persuaded。
“Is there no one in the world to be his opponent??”Yuan Li said unconvincingly。
“Just look at it and you’ll find out,Don’t worry,We are the participants,It’s not that I went on stage and worked hard with others。”
Yuan Li’an endured the unhappiness in her heart,Pouting and waiting for the development below,not long time,A female fairy jumped onto the stage,Looking at the man who just won,Said:“Why are you killing her?”
“The weak have no right to live。”The man said sonorously,Reveal strong self-confidence。
“well said。”The female fairy who just came on stage is not only not angry,And clapped his hands and laughed。
Lei Tianzi said to Yuan Li:“look,People who avenge the dead female fairy are here,This female fairy will definitely win,And the male cultivator will lose his life。”
“Can you guess what spell they use?”Yuan Li only feels dazzled,Be a little confused by the inexplicable killing,Can’t judge the strength and weakness of the spell。
“Are all spells similar to illusion,If you want to go back to the source,The ancestors of these people are all from the same family,Unexpectedly, millions of years later,They improved the spells passed down from the ancestors,To kill each other。”
Hear this,Yuan Li couldn’t help but said in horror:“Then,The descendants of the Lei family,Will they kill each other too??”
“What are you afraid of?Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren,Is it millions of years later,You can climb out of the ground to make peaceful mediation for them?Really stupid。”Lei Tianzi reprimanded unceremoniously。