Not bad,Got in。

Zhao Dabao now,The whole head is embedded in the rock at the top of the cave,Body is exposed,Like a big fallen tree,Grow a body from top to bottom,Extremely weird。
but,Also from this weird scene,Seeing the hardness of Zhao Dabao at this time、How terrible the intensity is。
“Gudong”Bang,Zhao Dabao pulled out his head depressed,Fall to the ground again。
Fell from the top of an eight-meter-high cave,The ground of the smashed cold pond is a mess。
Zhao Dabao shook his head as hard as iron,Sitting dizzy on the ground。
Through ninety-nine-eighty-one hours of gestation,Zhao Dabao actually trained the iron skin of Xing Cuijue to the state of transformation,That is, the iron sheet completes the level。
There are five levels in Xing Cui Jue,Iron sheet is the first level。
Chapter five hundred and twenty seven Arch out
There is no concept of time in the cave,When Zhao Dabao vented his joy,,He was surprised to find,My mental power has been exhausted,Even with the Dinghai Shenzhen, he fell into a deep sleep。
of course,Dinghai Shenzhen’s deep sleep,One is because the antitoxin consumed all her stock;Second, Dinghai Shenzhen has also reached the advanced level of breakthrough.。
Once Dinghai Shenzhen wakes up,That is the evolution of needle needle,It also represents Zhao Dabao’s spiritual power from acquired intermediate to advanced level。
Now Zhao Dabao is also a little dumbfounded,The internal energy in the body is still in the unusable stage,As for when it can recover?Appears to be caught late、I found out after a late meeting。
As for the acquired intermediate level, the mental power is better,Although exhausted,But over time,Will naturally recover gradually。
It’s just that it’s not available for a few days at this stage,It takes time for the recovery of mental power。
Of course,There are also medicinal materials used to restore mental power in the storage ring,But Zhao Dabao who cannot use his inner strength,Can’t open the storage ring。
Inner strength cannot be used,Exhausted mental energy,Zhao Dabao, a well-known inner strength in the practice world、The Master of Spell Double Cultivation has turned into a frightful name。