When Lei Tianming finished,It is fast arrival。

Han first,Unwound,Even the people in front of you put their hands。
“Since them,I have been looking for my door.。”
“So what should you do?,Still use me??”
When Han is in the first thing,Those people around you,It is an increase in strength.,Quick arrival。
After all, this time,How to solve it in the end。
In fact, their hearts,It is better than anyone.。
“Humph,It is definitely the people of the sword.,Since Shen Xuan is not coming,So let’s everyone,Just start from them。”
“Is this still used?,Even if they now go together,Last result,In fact, it is also the same.。”
“Say it too,So next,Let’s still spend anything here.,It’s better to start now.,It is the key to selling directly。”
slowly,With these people,You say that I am speaking.,Don’t forget to talk to your eyes。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,I plan to start working from what respect to what.。
In fact, their hearts are deep,It is more clear than anyone.。
At this time,Han first,It is fast。
“Even so,But now,So, don’t blame, we are welcome.。”
When Han is talking about this,The more like this,In fact, it is now,It looks in Korea.,He itself is already hitting the coupon.。
But here,At this moment,Lei Tianming,It is a complete dismissive for Han’s first move.。
“cut,Have a long time,Nothing is to be such a little means。”
“Yet,Even if you toss too much,In fact, finally,The result is still the same。”
When Lei Tianming said to this,This is the people around you,I watched it in front of my eyes。
obviously,In fact, Lei Tianming has already hit a victory.。
In fact, in Lei Tianming looks,Want to kill Han first,Not how difficult。
“but,Since you have already set this idea to play so,So,I am accompanying the end.!”
When Lei Tianming looked at the eye,obviously,Lei Tianming is now,In fact, it has been completely settled.。
But now,The more like this,In fact, in Lei Tianming looks,How should I handle this?。
Lei Tianming’s heart,In fact, it is more clear than anyone.。
But just here,Lei Tianming looks at,It is not forgetting to continue here.。
“But now,Since I have already set this idea to do this,So next,Let’s directly divide the winning and negative.!”
Anyway,Look at Lei Tianming,anyway,Such a thing,Everything is necessary to make a break。
if not,Always feel,Like a lot, there are many。
And just this,At this time, the Korean is in the first,do not know why,The more you look, the more it feels very headaches.。