Even if we opened a supermarket,Commodity prices are not low than them,Configuring those supplies networks,Can’t get out、There is no need to spend so much money launching satellite construction logistics system,However, many of this company a lot of philosophy deserves our study。”

Car is already driving forward,Both is the bustling high-rise building,More than 100 million US dollars are only enough to buy a small apartment near this,Maybe a general middle-aged person,One year of income is up to millions of dollars,Countless facts prove that Suhus is still very poor,Far away from finance freedom?。
Waiting for Sumu,Han boss opens the topic opening:“Do you have to grasp?,I am saying that if I have opened such a store.,Can you get a one?……Wal-Mart,Almost supermarket?
I think you are still better with your parents.,As long as they agree, I can join you with your partnership.,First said,I will manage things.,Accounts can find personal joint management,So who is relieved。”
Han boss manages more than ten convenience stores,Give the store to him to manage Suhu is very assured,Convenience stores and supermarkets are retail industry,How much is a bit,Suhu never thought about himself,He will go to high school next.,Also find someone to manage more。
Take the funds in the store.,Sumu didn’t think there was any place to be,So nod tell Han Boss:“Row,The store opened you to manage,But tell my parents……This must first wait,They don’t understand what is supermarket,It will be very troublesome in case.,Boss, you have to mention my father with my father.。
Let’s go around Chinatown.,See if there is any suitable storefront?The area must be large,The goods suppliers must talk about,Decoration doesn’t need to be luxurious,Be sure to see comfort。”
Preliminary reached an agreement,Sumu feels wonderfully,Going out in the morning, I am just a poor child.,Now I have to invest more than 100,000 US dollars to do business.。
Han Boss also feel funny,Little guy from the work from others,Actually, I have to do business with myself.,Destiny is so wonderful。
I spent some time to return to Tangren Street,Han Boss suggested going to a new shopping mall to see,Yesterday he wants to open the store there.,It is very good to think that the location is very good.。
The mall is located in the middle of Mexico City and China City,Just close to the street corner,Just started at the end of last year,There is no large integrated shopping mall near this.,People are used to going to the old shop to buy things,Mainly greedy,So there is not much passenger traffic in this mall.。
Surrounding land is not worth money,Developers stay a large parking lot,The entire department store has four floors high.,Exterior wall is red,Poster billboards posted on the glass,Sumu asked when he got off:“It seems that no one is,Is there such a big shop?。
Isn’t it very good in Chinatown?,Most of Chinese,Rent is also cheap。”
Han boss replied:“Grocery store everywhere,Before you get up, there is a trick.,So long, doing business inside,Know what temper they are,And you can’t find such a big shop,At least one thousand square meters。
I think it is very good here.,I have been there once in March.,Almost empty on the third floor and four buildings,I heard that the fourth floor must build a cinema,It should be quite good in the future,Today, rent a house,Rent should not be too expensive.……”Two people discuss the picking shop。
This shopping mall is quite large.,Many floors are still empty,The original developer in the 1970s,Because of the economic crisis,The things of investment are so delayed.。
1980After the bank auction,Another chain department store took over it,And continue to build,But because the rent is too high,Didn’t attract how many investors come to the store,Popularity is not warm。
From the first floor from the first floor, it is like a customer.,Then come to the first floor again.,Sumu and Han boss did not agree with a large shop in the street.,Located next to the parking lot,Unfortunately, the area is small.,Several shops add about seven or eight hundred square meters,All rent a year rents up to 180,000 US dollars,Han boss feels big enough,Sumu is not satisfied at all,The area is small means that too much goods can’t put it.,At this moment, Han Yu boss said:
“Since I have decided to invest,We should do it well,Such a large area is more like a large convenience store,Can’t put too much thing,Light is a vegetable and fruit sales area,It is necessary to occupy more than half of the position.,How much is the rest of the area??
We must cultivate customer awareness,Let them feel as long as they come to our supermarket,I will definitely buy something you want.,This will be willing to come over,This store is too small.,Rent is also expensive,It is not necessary to make a hard work to earn,Profits are all used to pay rent,This does not meet our interests。”
Previously only open grocery shop,Han Boss’s thinking is limited,Think about something deeper,After listening to Suhu, considering it.,Speak:“Um……If you sell those things,The area seems not enough,No one goes on the third floor,The first floor is too expensive,Then you say where we should open?”
Decide,The selected address is the first major event,It is not good to attract customers.,Too good, rent is very expensive,Not in line with their interests。
Suhu falls into thinking,The head is rapidly thinking,Think about where there is a surrounding store,The area required for the supermarket is too large,I didn’t expect to rent for a time.,Just when he is ready to give up,Suddenly thought of,Eyes are instantly bright!
Have a laughter:“Go to drive,I take you to a place,The place is absolutely great!”
Han Boss is very satisfied with this mall,Unfortunately, the rent is really too expensive.,Have to give up,Will let the letter will follow the humps,Drive away。
More than ten minutes,He stood in front of a broken waste factory.,Silent to Suhum:“You want to shop in the glass factory?Crazy,This house can also be used?”
Suhu look at this old factory,Many rooms have collapsed,Only the exterior wall is still good,Wall corner long moss,I have been abandoned, I don’t know how many years.,Many glass is tired of children.。
This factory has previously produced glass,Side, towering chimney,After the 1960s, the glass factory moved away.,A clothing company renting it to produce clothes。
Labor force near Chinatown is rich and cheap,Later, as the labor-intensive industry moved from the United States to Asia and Central America,Clothing company has also left,So the old glass factory has been abandoned now,On the wall also wrote a World War II slogan:“Do your work,Is to help frontline win war。”
Today’s US,And the strong United States disclosed through the details of the radio broadcasts is different.,Still in the competition with the Soviet Union“Two-pole world”Lattice。
People are worried about the war of the Soviet Union,This kind of worrying sentiment continues since World War II,And there is no weakening trend,US official will use too much money for military competition,The Plateous War Plan has invested hundreds of billions of dollars so far.。
Coupled with the economic crisis,Leading a big community bankruptcy,The unemployment rate in this year is very high.,People are not rich,Twelve billion dollars can become the top ten risks of the world,The dollar is still very valuable,It is precisely because it is too much money.,High human cost and resource costs forced a large number of local companies,Abandoned plant is everywhere。
Suhu asked:“Why can’t you use it??