“Shen Da Ge,What do you have to find me??”

Looking at the appearance of Li Hui Feng Fenghuo,Shen Tian Si is also laughing。
“Ha ha,Lee brother,This time I am sure is a good thing.,But also tell you in advance.,I might take away this month.,So after the brothers’ cooperative opportunities, there are not many opportunities.。”
“Forehead,How can it be much?,Shen Da Ge as a chance to be in the county.!”
Li Hui has some unclear。
But I saw Shen Tian Si’s happy and unhappy,He also knows that the other party is definitely adjusted.。
“no,If nothing unexpected happens,I may not be in our county.,In fact, I also want to be in our county.,After all, there is you here.,That development has you drive,My political achievements are definitely good.。”
“But this time is more mobilized.,I am busy in the county. I am afraid that the position of the rising to the place is that I have just moved.,Hesitate,I decided to choose the proof of obeying the superior leadership.。”
Let Li speak in the wind this.。
“Shen Da Ge,Then you are ready to go??”
“If you don’t accident, you are going to the city.,Not our city,Other province。”
One heard this,Li Xiangxiao understood。
This is the up-regulation of the level.!“Congratulations to the big brother,You will leave when you?”
“Mid this month,After all, I haven’t come.,As long as you come,I will leave.。”
I thought about working with Shen Tian Si for so long.,Such a happy cooperation,Li Hui is really not willing to leave each other.。
However, these things he said it is not counted.。
“Nappanto knows who is the newly charged the town??”
“Forehead,I really don’t know this.,At first I feel that the village head of your village,But later I heard that it should be from other places.,But I will not be clear about what happens.。”
I heard Xiao Tian Si said.,Li Hui also nodded helplessly。
“Row,Shen Dafu should have time in these days.?”
Chapter 11 Chapter Chapter Cab Exchange
“Um,I will walk everywately these days.,After all, I have managed a lot of time here.,To say that there is no feelings, it is fake.。”
“Hey-hey,That Shen big brother will play a good time.,It is best to go to our lotus village.,Although everything is in construction,However, many constructions have been taken into size.。”
I heard the invitation of Li Hui Feng,Shen Tianzi is naturally full of advice。
afternoon,Shen Tianxi asked Li Hui to eat meals,The two have drank a lot of wine。
Shen Tian Si is also a bit drunk,Say something。
White,Shen Tianzi doesn’t want to leave,After all, there is Li Hui in his eyes.,The next way will definitely support straight。
But the above leadership arrangement,And still upset,This opportunity,Such a face,He can’t pick up。
Thus,Many things he planted are equal to the soup.。
After dinner,Li Hui Hui returned to the village。
He didn’t go to the courtyard to live in the evening.,But in the homestay。
Siheyuan ventilated a week,He moved in again。
Although all materials are the best。
But he is still a bit unreliable.。
It is big white and Xiaobai.。
The rhubarb is the same。
The next day,Li Hui said with Liu’s call.。
The new tea has been fried.,I will send it for a while.,A total of four pounds,He gives Li Hui three pounds,I have left a pound。
Li Huihe heard this,Also happy。