Such people will give him a chance,He can rush out of the sky,立 天,Therefore, Huangquan’s Lord has no idea.,I am born, I don’t know.,Unfortunately, this kid is not。

This makes him appreciate and regret。
Golden wheel back,Live Buddha,East Big Grand Day,Their scorpion exposes a horrific light,They want to be violent,Play,But this gaming bureau is written in a black word.,So many supreme are here。
It’s almost impossible.!
“Brother,Reading master,Xi Tianjun,Brother,Brother……You are compensated according to rule。”Zhang Shaoze:“May gambling,Take the real thing first,Gold Si’s things are solved later。”
At this time, the East Boss suddenly looked at Lin Fengxiang Road.:“Forest president,I want to buy this one of the people.,how?”
“Can!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Killing swords can of course sell to you。”
“it is good,10000Kingshi!”East Big Day mouth comes out of a cold smile:“how?”
“Do not,Do not,Do not!”Lin Feng smiled and shook his head:“I think the seniors are wrong.,I said to you,Not pointing you one person,Also this soldier is going to use tomorrow!”
“you dare!”The east of the East Battarrhende is staring at Lin Feng Road.:“you wanna die!”
“Lin Feng,Need you to use to Gao Huangquan??”Huangquan’s Lord has no gods。
“Can be used!”Lin Feng cold road:“senior,I am dead or anything.,You help me find out the fierce,World to Gao Huangquan Order also gives you。”Lin Feng directly came to Huangquan’s main token, respectfully.。
“it is good!”Huangquan’s Lord is not a laugh and laughing.。
“Hell,Our transaction begins to exchange,as same as him,As long as there is a golden level, you can find a troublesome of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,You help survey,And directly kill once。”Lin Feng turned over to the main road of hell。
“Ha ha,it is good!”The Lord of Hell Wen Haha smiled。
“World to Gao Hongmen can mobilize me,Lin Feng。”At this time, Wang Chao smiled and took Lin Feng’s shoulderway.。
NS626chapter Gamble
“Ha ha,Thank you big brother。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“The world is handed over to you,Your task is the same as hell。”Lin Feng talks directly to a token。
Herone is the world。
What is the highest level,He gave it directly to Wang Chao,Wang Chao laughed with this world Hongmen order in his hand.。
One instant three major Huangquan,Hell,Wang Chao three people accept the token,Everyone issued their own position,This time, the position is different from the same time.,Just just out of relationship interference。
Once you do full,Their power will not agree,For example, the Lord of Hell also takes care of the interests of the group.,And this time Lin Feng cooks the cowhide contract,That’s different.,Even if hell is the owner of hell,His group also enforces the implementation contract。
The same is true for the meaning of the world to Gaohong.,Lin Feng pays the world to Gaohongmen,World Hongmen must also obey Xinyi,The same is true for high Huangquan,Huangquan’s Lord must also follow,He does not follow,Huangquan people will also enforce。
However, the World Hongmen Order and the High Huangquan order do not have to issue it.,The Lord of Huangquan is only one thing.,This is the same,There is only one world Hongmen order on your body.,Two people gave Lin Feng。
“You are Welcome。”Wang Chao back and the hands of the eyes look indifferent to the east day。
“Lin Feng,you!”Eastern Japanese face is gloomy,His look is afraid to watch Wang Chao,Hell,Huangquan’s Lord。
He knows Lin Feng as long as it will order,These three can be used to kill him.,I am afraid I originally stood in Long Taihuang in a battleline.,Bubei Dragon,Live Buddha,Jinshan Emperor and others will not intervene the matter.。
Jinshan Emperor,Long Taihuang,Bubei Dragon,Live Buddha,Both people, the gods, the people, etc., they are not good.,Especially for the Buddha and Jinshan Emperor,These two people have just want to find Lin Feng’s troubles in private.,But Lin Feng, this trick made them taboo。
Other onlookers youth gold forces inheritors fell on Lin Feng’s body.,Their first looks in Lin Feng,I have to admit that Lin Feng has already surpassed them in some respects.。