all of these,Li Tianchou couldn’t even hear,I just feel the rumbling noises in my ears like thunder,Look at the old man again,His face is extremely solemn,There is a panic that cannot be concealed,Talking to himself alone to the pile of black yellow silk,Without the slightest boredom,This makes Li Tianchou easier,The coercion that the old man exerted on him can hardly be realized。

“Definitely not,Sage,I watched this little baby carrying a peerless treasure,Too shocking,Suspect that the person came from unknown,In addition,Such a common man, in case of any accident,This baby it just……”
“Shut up!Is it your turn to worry about the Seven Flames?I have a lot to do with this little baby,Don’t say to run into your little doghouse,Just burn you with a fire,Dare you to be wordy in front of me?”
“Don’t blame the gods,No wonder,I blame Xiaoxian for ignorance,If it weren’t for you,,Xiaoxian is afraid that he will cause a catastrophe today,I will return the treasure to this doll。”The majestic voice hit hard,The old man immediately admitted,The attitude is very respectful and fearful,The rank and status of the two in their world may be very different。
“Hold on,See the money,Weak with a gun,You thought it was so easy?”
“what?”The old man almost thumped on his knees in shock,Li Tianchou was also taken aback,I don’t know what disease this old man committed,Leave him aside for now,Talking to myself for a long time,Kneeling on the ground while talking,What do you mean?
“My seven-flame armor is badly damaged,What’s in your bad place to restore its aura,Find them all,and also,Since this little baby can reach your boundary,I can’t go back empty-handed,it depends on you。”
“God,Forgive Xiaoxian this time,This pure gas is unique to the fairy world,Don’t say my little Dongfu,Is to search this mortal world,There is no such thing as condensing gas.。”
“Oh?I can’t punish you for that?”The majestic voice suddenly became harsh。
“Shangxian forgive,Shangxian forgive……”The old man finally knelt down with a thump,I pay my respects to the black yellow silk in my hand,Keep talking about forgiveness,Li Tianchou’s eyes almost stared out,Xindao met a madman in this beautiful paradise,Obviously a horrible thing,But this old man is too weird,Too great,Maybe it’s a Taoist hermit who has cultivated for many years,Did he fix his brain too??I don’t know why he suddenly remembered the scene when he first met kiwi with Xiao Song。
“Spare?Nature is forgiving,Two drops of blood,For the sake of the deity’s good mood today,That’s all,Don’t worry about the little baby,Do it together。”This is the end of the majestic voice,The thunder-like movement in the ear also disappeared without a trace。
The old man sat on the ground,The spirit of the whole person is also much shorter,The ruddy cheeks just turned gray,He stretched out his right hand tremblingly,Look at the black yellow silk,Look at my index finger again,A cruel mouth bite,Two drops of red、The halo of blood dripped on the yellow silk one after another,Strange,With a sneer,Two drops of blood disappeared instantly。
Li Tianchou didn’t have time to stop,A classic book that I saw in Liuyun Temple suddenly popped out of my mind,Essence and blood,And its importance to Taoist practitioners,So-called solid essence and blood,Keeping Yuanyang is the foundation of cultivation,This old man is definitely a Taoist hermit,Those two drops of blood just now,Like the blood in the description,But inexplicably dripped on his yellow silk like no money,Can’t understand。
Done these,The old man is relieved,The blood on his face has recovered a bit,He stood up and looked at Li Tianchou,Suddenly the expression becomes amiable,A few steps abruptly came to him, handed the yellow silk in his hand and said softly,“Little baby,This thing and carefully put away。”
Li Tianchou took it suspiciously,He didn’t pay attention to the hot eyes and the pain on his face,It’s just that the weight of the yellow silk is slightly heavier than before,Naturally you have to check it carefully,So I gently turned over the two stacked layers of silk cloth that was about to become ashes,The colorful feathers that were curled and gray inside suddenly became shiny,The part curled into ash due to burning is slowly falling off,It seems that a new down feather is forming,Although the bodhi leaves have not changed,But it also surprised him。