Let him accidentally is the attitude of Xianti。

“You also know?”The eyebrows of Xianti are surprised,Contrast, surprise inexplicable。
“Um?”Summer stunned,Not explain,“Know what?”
“You don’t know?”
The pretty face of Xianti is dissatisfied,“What do you come?。”
“Cough,I will walk casually。”
Xianti is obvious,There is no entanglement,How to say,“For a while, the representative of Huaxia Hua Mountain is coming here.,Talk to me。”
“Huashan School?”
Narrate,Summer is quite surprised,“Your ninth mountain and Huashanpai also have business.?Trough!What business do you do?。”
“You know,I have been secretly acquiring water in the year and my master.。”
Some complexity between Xianti’s look,“Huashan sent this news from what to hear,I sent someone here yesterday.,Said that they have a large batch of water gallstones in their hands.。”
“Huashan School。”
Summer is single-handed,The look is slightly sick。
He naturally knows water gallbladder,That is a kind of not precious,Rare ore class。
If this stone is boiled in the water,Stone will soften dilution。
There is no big role in others.,But it is crucial to Xiani。
She has a double,Steam smoked steaming needs to be evaporated in water with water,Wash the eyes after water-damped dilution……Herd her ability to help。
But this is not the most important。
Important……Yesterday, I just heard Huashan School from Liu Zikou.,I didn’t expect that Huashan School today appeared.。
Think here,He asked,“When did they come??Also,How do they know that you come to Huaxia??”
“Don’t know。”Xian Ti also thought of this layer,Pretty face is slightly agglomerated,Rotate,“Already on the road,Should be soon。”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1377Chapter Abnormal collision
Summer coffee house。
Third floor。
An unaware meeting room。
“Can a thousand water gallstones make me feel,What kind of transaction do you want to do with me?。”
Physique,Long emotive。
At this moment,Xian Ti is a long dress with snow white,Existing oriental charm,There are also abysss of Westerners,Skin is generally white。
She is quiet and quietly sitting on the host,Noble and elegant breath,Skinless,眸 水,Qiong nose picks up,Red lip moisture,Beebera,Three thousand blue silk pour
Next,Beauty suffocating。
There is another kind of gentleman。
Let people only dare to see,Not dare。
This is the image of the ninth holy girl。
A middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged middle age,It is a ghost face。
His eyes smile,A pair of three-pointed eyes and brushes summer sitting not far from the sofa,Then stay at Xian Ti again。
“The hide of the ninth mountain,It is better to meet,Sure enough, the fairy is generally sacred.……One thousand water is naturally brought。”
He just wants to talk,Followed by Li Yun said,“The transaction of the transaction must not be able to talk,Holy woman,It is already noon,Not as good as we talk while eating。

“Is the two yet eating??”Xianti is a bit surprised,Spirate,“Don’t die first,After I have eaten, let’s talk about it.。”