Chen Xiu opened it,What you see is《Control Crane》Three characters,Sweep through ten lines,I probably understand the origin and principle of crane control。

The person who created the crane control technique was a peerless master in the Ming Dynasty,He was inspired by the dragon catcher in Shaolin 72 stunts。
After the dragon catcher is trained, he can rely on the suction of True Qi to fetch objects from the air。
The master who created this gated crane power has been transformed,Supplemented by sound,The means of urging infuriating qi to achieve control。
of course,The foundation of crane control is true qi。
The stronger,The greater the weight of the controlled item,The farther away,According to the theory in the book,It’s not impossible for a person with endless true energy to kill with a sword from thousands of miles away。
Of course, the premise of everything is that one’s own qi is enough to control the flying sword and control thousands of miles away.。
And the book says,The master who created this magical skill,He himself can’t control at most ten feet,A flying sword weighing no more than three catties。
Zhang Tianci never realized that this gated crane was just an ordinary person before,And the practice is only a few years,He is already gifted to control a ten-meter flying needle。
“I gave you the exercises,Can you let me go。”
“Since you are so cooperative,I don’t make it difficult for you。”
“Thank you。”
Zhang Tianci was happy,I’m afraid Chen Xiu will go back,Clutching ribs,Can’t care about picking up the shoes Chen Xiu threw away,Limped away。
Zhang Tianci just walked out of Jimmy was shouted by Chen Xiu,He trembled,Bite the scalp and turn around and say:“You want to say nothing!”
Chen Xiu just stared at the shoe on his right foot and said:“I like your shoes,Took off the right shoe!”