The reason why people stay in the mountain road,Naturally in order to block behind“Emotional enemy”,Unfortunately, some people have come in.,Chu Deirers don’t know,What is the enemy?,still is……Guo Jing?Guo Ju Xia?

In the original,Guo Jing also took Yang at this time,Come to the South Mountain,The result was Zhao Zhijing、志 丙 et al.,Put Guo Jing as a lagoon——After all, Guo Jingdu is more than 30 years.,If it is to compete, it is indeed a lot.,And all disciples will also be used as the helper of Huo。
The whole real sent the ninety-eight people composed of Beidou,Fight with Guo Jing,It is still from Guo Jing.,Plus the prior to the sword,Zhao Zhijing deeply feels insult,I buried hidden dangers for the encounter of Yang over Yang.。
Guo Jing obviously does not understand the people’s heart,I only thought that Zhao Zhijing is a full disciple.,It is definitely a high tie,I don’t think Zhao Zhijing will have a hate him.,Even because I tried Zhao Zigui’s skill,I feel that he is coming to do Yang’s Master very reliable.!
As a result, Yang’s rebellion full thing……
But now Chu Deirers want to come,Guo Jing must have no reason to appear here.,Although it is just good,But how did the boy don’t look like a comparative martial art?。
As for Guo Ju Xia……
People have been in the town of Xiangyang ten years,It is impossible to have no reason for no reason.?What’s more, Yang Kang is now still alive.,Where is Yang?
Chu Deirers don’t think too much,First take the mountain road all the way,Not long after hearing a call……
I saw a flat mountain road in the half-mountain waist.,Dense、A large group of people who painted a circle at the foot,I am trapped by the sword.。
This one is one person,Dressed in a simple cloth,It seems that than Qiaofeng is still larger.,Plus the face is calm,Said to be thirty-five、Said to be forty or not,Although the body is trapped,But still is stable,Just calm。
If Qiaofeng hands,It’s like a tsunami, a hundred feet.,Just wait for it,Then this is like Yue Zunyuan、Unshakeable。
When the Chu Deiren came,Just this person is still explained with the disciples……
“You are aggressive,Indeed with horse real people、Hiller、Wang Zhen people have old,Special worship,Dear brothers blocked me like me,Will only shame the trainer!”Siege of stares。
“Dog!Do you think what you said?,Do we believe in our entire disciple??Do you want to marry a woman?,Now I am smashed with her little people.!”A full Taoist who seems to be three or forty years old,Mouthful。
“I have a long name that you said.,How can I insult people??”
But the person who is sleepy in the array,It’s just a burst of inexplicably,And just coming,Has been in my heart is very dissatisfied,A borrowing force of the leaning leg,From now on!
“Which is to marry my house??Make Chu!”
At this time, Chu Deirers will be abundant.,Luck“Swim”Later,Such as Gang Eagle、Another example is a fairy climbing,In the air free to borrow money,Flutton, it is difficult to discover。
I only see a gray brown figure.,Snourish from the sky,The whole disciple is also shocked.!
Just a full disciple,Sudden face——He originally wanted to take this“Obscene”Army,Unexpectedly, this is actually heard by the Chu Deirers.,How is a bitter in my heart?。
These all disciples are also being hampered.……
The reason why the whole sentiment will be in Huo Du,In addition to being because of geographical reasons,Must,It is also because Ma Yu and others know,House Master and the ancient tomb of the ancestors。
Calculating the little dragon girl is also abandoned in front of the whole door,It’s just that it is not convenient to raise baby girls in the door.,The head of the ancient tombs,That is, Lin Chao Ying’s maid and disciples、Master of little dragon,Hurt it back。
The ancient tomb is usually not disciples,Big cat kitten three two,Also“Weak woman”,Encounter this kind of thing,I really naturally illuminate one or two,Take the initiative——This is also this consideration in the original work.,What’s more, all true and ancient tombs,More relationships with Chu Deirers。
Just Ma Yu, they have a good idea,The disciples who teach them are all awkward。
Not only the people,The words are also very small to small dragons.“ridicule”,Probably nothing to have such a master next to himself、Usually to protect people……
Chapter 228 All-chaotic bureau
“It turned out to be a Chu brother.!Chu brother is coming back,I don’t know anyone,Spreading the rumors of the dragon head in the rivers and lakes……”志 丙 见 鹿 气 气 气,Immediately open topics。
At the same time, it is also reminding the Chu Deirers.,They are for the dragon’s head,Just here and others。
Chu Deirens have seen the priests of the priests.,The latter does not dare to look at the Chu Deirers,After that, the Chu Deiren also looked at the definite:“I am being for this matter.,The one you stop is?”
“This person is the same party of the lagoon.!”志 丙 见 楚 鹿 人 没 没 Do not 不,This is loose,And immediately sit in the actual identity,To indicate that you are really helping。
“不,Dou brother misunderstood,Under……”
The haman has just left to explain,I was interrupted by Chu Deirers。
“Looking for a laxative thief,Mainly, the Mongol’s Huo Tu?This person is not like a Mongolian。”Chu Dee people once again confirmed it again。