Not only,Nong Direct and Bili have not been here.。

They don’t come,Liao Jie will not go to find,Gamble,He is really not interested.。
Everyday alarm is still not ringing,He gets up on time.,Occasionally go to a company,Review the decoration process。
Even after two weeks,Seeing the news of the world’s gambling kings freshly released news on the newspaper,I just glanced at it.,Not in mind。
Gamble,New world gambling king,This name,Before the contest opened,Almost no one knows,Coiled Meng Xinyi。
Hong Lang passed the five climb,All the way is like a rainbow,Many people think that the title of the world gambling king is not him,Results,In the final, I lost to the leftstick of the first time.。
The gamma association,Saying the new gambling king is a hero,The black horse’s head is fried out.,Left yolk is a newcomer after all,The industry is not as good as the evaluation of him.,What is the value of frying a few days?。
Blood loss!
This World Gambling King Competition,The gamma association pays the money,It can only be said that it is reluctant to hang a breath.,Stating the increasingly decline,But want to recover the scenery of the gambling period,Basically, I didn’t expect it.。
the other side,Zhou Xingxing in the police station,Since Le Zaixing,I am very optimistic about this black horse.,I think he has the possibility of a winning world gambling king.。
Because of the blamed,This ticket is not fishing。
“Stinky boy,What wild you are here,Do you want to destroy the public??”Office door pushes,Li Police said that Zhou Xingxing glance,Let him stand well。
Since the whole body put into the underground,Zhou Xingxing’s talent was excavated,But what is the case where he is undercover,Will break over the shortest time。
so,Even if you don’t have the door on Zhou Xingxing mouth,Very will,But the ability is the ability,One vote is taking him with one,Turning his boss。
Li Haoli belongs to this situation,Originally not a boss of Zhou Xingxing,But start today,Zhou Xingxing returned to him。
“Chief,I suddenly called me back this time.,Is there any big case to give me??”
Zhou Xingxing Yin Yang strange:“You know,I have done well in myself.,Talk about it,More than that line can’t follow,It’s still a few days of time.,I personally gone,But the waste of public funds should not。”
“Less talk less nonsense,Call you back,Naturally there will be arrangements。”
Police, a slap in the office desk,Open a file to Zhou Xingxing:“You look,The person on the photo is not very familiar.。”
Zhou Xingxing pulls sunglasses,See a handsome station on the file,It’s hard to find the second handsome face.,I immediately smiled。
“Chief,Why do you screamed my photos?,Do you have a secret love??”
Chapter 135 Three suspects
“Less oil cavity,Rolling street,I can’t affectionate anyone.。”
Li Police Division disadvantaged,Think of the warning of colleagues,Don’t want to be mad,Less and Zhou Xingxing nonsense,Now cut into the subject:“The person on the photo called Wang Million,Is a rich man,When he was discovered,I have been dead for three days.,It’s the same as you grow.,But there is more。”
“So handsome,It’s a pity that it is really dead.。”
Zhou Xingxing slap,What is it?,Wide-eyed:“Chief,Do you want”
“Not what I think,Not you are,You also saw it,The sticker, you are Wang Million,You don’t have anyone on?”
Li Police Division turned the file to the second page:“Wang Million is dead in his own private villa,Hand is tied to bed,Under the ice cone,It has already excluded the possibility of suicide。”
Zhou Xingxing:“”
“Dont look at me,On-site report is this。”
Li said:“This murder is very cruel,And recently released movie plots extremely similar,I am rushing to recall you back,That is, let you have no news.,Putting the king million。”
“Chief,Dangerous,In case the murderer tied me,What should I do with a cone??”