The constructs under the ring are boiling,Some people have fun,Someone applauded,Look at that little people,All comes to ridicule and contempt。

Tang Ice stands on the ground,Pale cheeks have recovered a few blood colors。
She hoped to the brown hair you who was being killed into death.,Loud look at the summer on the stage,Delicate between the look、Worship。
summer,It is them139Toward pride!
At this time,The crowd suddenly came from a cold。
Sound is light,It is in the ear of every person around everyone.。
Many people’s faces,Go to the sound。
I saw a young man in the distance.,Noodles,Fierce。
The crowd is quiet at once.。
“It’s him,Wang Zhuo!”
“Who is Wang Zhuo??”
“You don’t know Wang Zhuo,Gold054The most powerful,According to the project,His strength is enough for 2,000 guns。”
“He is Wang Zhuo?I have heard of him.,This person is hitting,Kill it,Every battle is blood flow into the river。”
“Ah,Gold054Taoizhi people are like this,One just used,Are the same。”
“Ha ha,This is a good show.。”
Young disciple of five relief,Millions of meters,Not the person of this relief,Don’t know each other,I have never heard of it.,It’s normal.。
but,This 30,000 disciples participate,In Chaos City Chamber of Commerce,Will open a gambling disk。
There are also professionals,Consuming a lot of time and energy,Analysis of the strength of each contestant。
Just as the brown hair youth Wang Chen, who is exhausted by the summer,I estimate that he has the top five hundred strengths.。
And Wang Zhuo from this time,It is Wang Chen’s brother.,It is more powerful for the first two hundred。
“Brother,Dry death small hybrid!Avenge in the second brother。”
“Brother,Don’t leave,You look at him into this.,Obviously it is down to death.。”
Wang Zhuo walks,That little person seems to find the main bone,All around,Fertless indignation。
Wang Zhuo did not speak,Get down,I touched my brother Wang Chen.。
Rao is that he is not shocked.,Faces also can’t help instantly iron blue。
Hawran stands up,Killing in the eyes,“Life,But this injury,Can’t cope a month……”
Survey temperature drop。
Wang Zhuo Yan is obvious——His younger brother Wang Chen was completely eliminated.。
I can’t heal within one month,Even if you can fight,The surface is also very large。
“Small hybrid,Dare to start so embarrassed,Laozi killed you!”
With the sound of the sound,Wang Zhuo Chong Tian,Fall on the ring。