Gantt moved his body while relying on the short-term resistance of Eagle Feather,Then get out。

The sword in Leo’s hand quickly made a cut in Gantt’s waist。
Drops of blood dripping from the blade。
And Gantt got away smoothly。
It’s not smooth, right?,After all, I was stabbed by Leo,It’s just that http://www.hhqor.cnthe knife didn’t cause serious injuries,Just across the surface of the body,Cut the skin and flesh on the surface。
Hit smoothly,Leo gently put down the knife in his hand。
If you look closely, you can see that Leo’s body is also flushed.,But there is no obvious injury。
How can flashing be so useful。
When he flashed,Its own speed has reached one thousandth of the speed of light。
Don’t underestimate this one thousandth,That’s also a speed of 30,000 meters per second,And based on his weight,The energy contained in the body is amazing。
If you understand it another way,,Even if he doesn’t rely on swords,Just use the body to hit,Can also fit a big mountain into a pit of more than ten meters。
The power is really amazing!
but,It hurt him a lot,It is equivalent to more than a dozen swordsmen slashing directly on him。
It can be said that it hurts the enemy a thousand and self-damages 500。
“Pity,Seeing and hearing color still restrains my flashing ability!”Leo couldn’ t help but sigh。