At the same time, Fuhua is also curious.,Restore strength time is too short,At the same time, memory is still slightly negative enough.,She is a bit unclear.HikoWhat is it?。

“Ugh,never mind。”
Ji smiles,It seems that I can’t ask anything.,Wait a later。
“Cough。”Han Jiang dry cough,Low voice carefully asked:“How much is the information of that Ice?,We just came,Need to know。”
When Han Jiang asked, he did not forget to help,Pingstocks are likely to encounter from Ji ruthless“Strike”。
“What is right?,Tell me,I went to pack up her.!”
There is a sentence called Jiangshan easy to change its nature.,“Youth Edition”Fu Hua approved。
As a result, Ji is a look.,Fuhua is very honest.。
Ji“Strike”Again fall again,However, only Hanjiang is suffering.,Ji’s finger is ruthlessly in the Hanjiang’s head.。
“Is it that you take the victory?,A more steady girl before。”Ji learned a sentence,Then whisper:“But this is also,Girl,Live and spit,I can’t find my boyfriend as before.。”
Ji Zi’s heart is very smooth and concealed to see Qi Yana and buds.,Finally, I returned to Huawei.。
Chapter 551 Smile
“Hydrop of your own。”
When Ji left a sentence, I got her in the words of Fuhua couldn’t touch my mind.,Let her always do not act without arrogance。
Coral Island can not only deal with Ice,Millions of civilians need evacuation,The collapse of the beast needs to be treated with the law of Ice,Those civilians who can’t get critically eroded into a dead must also be dealive。
Relatively speaking,It’s better to be a place where you are a destiny.。
True suffering is the blade,Female Wuziqi team stationed in Coral Island。
Ji is the highest commander of the Plus and Retropy Entropy,Time can not be used in Hanjiang and Fuhua body。
There are too many things to do.,Waving Waha Huayuan and Hanjiang pay attention。
Seeing An An Jingjing from the command of the order,Han Rong feels a bit strange,Really listening?
What is the fact is,Han Jiang doesn’t have a way。
Ji,Qi Yana and buds came over。
The bud coat is concerned with Hanjiang,Ask:“How did you come over?,Body injury”
Qi Yana immediately asked:“The hurt left last time is not good.,What is the coral island??”
“Don’t think that I am concerned about you.,I am worried that you can’t do your own things.,What if I tired our team??”
Han Jiang smiles and loves,Say:“Do not worry,I’m not an idiot,Not silly”
But he didn’t finish it.,Qi Yana and buds have taken the Vahua to talk about private words.。
“Squad leader,What should you do this time?,We are very worried.,Why not return to Santa Feria?。”
Fu Huaye, laughing:“nothing,I have to find something,Take something,Be unfarent。”
Buds also expressed their concern,“After leaving,No encounter oppression?”
Fu Hua is the heart of the knight,Not obey the order,Unauthorized,This is also where everyone is concerned.。
It’s okay when you are in the San Feria school.,Everyone can bear the consequences together,But Huahua,If you encounter danger, everyone wants to help.。
“Nothing,I am not former now.,The guys who have dare to come,I am punching,Come and make a pair of two!”