“Qing Palace!”Soil door is full of sweat at this time,The body is hidden with silk red oozing,“Searching requires a period of time,in this period,Please help me protect the law.,Don’t make any accident!”

“good!”Look at the soil door of hardship painful,The Qing Palace is solemnly nodded.,Then I will go out of the door.,But he just put your hand in the door handle,Just hear that the door has passed, and it’s more familiar.,Like crying sound!
“Ash?!”Qing Palace is shocked,Then pushed the gate,Be next moment,He stayed.。
It was originally close to 12 noon,The sun disappeared。
Like turning off the light,I suddenly became a dark night,The ominous white huge full moon is hung on top of the head,Flashing a strange and scorpion from time to time under the sea tide。
Outside the door,God cracking and upper strip,Two people look serious about the blonde girl in front,Among them, the cracked too knife http://www.wecanvalve.cn has already been hooded.。
In front of them,Mi Shakroj Jiewei is quietly standing there,Double eyes flash in a strange red light at night,Behind her back,A pair of huge,The exquisite wings like the huge ice crystals are slowly open.。
Angel——Fall back!
(This chapter is over)
NS230chapter Exceed the battle
“This is!”The palace pupil suddenly shrinks,Take the teenage girl who looks at the sky,I don’t know what to say in a time.。
Although he has already known that Mi Xia is an angel in memory.,But when he really faces this scene,The inner horror is still can’t help but happiness.。
after all,This is his first time I saw true true.,Violation of reality or even myths。
“careful!”On the side, I saw the Qing Palace from the room.,Suddenly shocked,“Mi Xia she”
“I understand。”God looked up at the sky,Whispering,“No wonder I receive information http://www.kskcsc.cn from Soil Gate,When the magician from Russia is investigated,There is no magician named Mi Xia.,but,Shaxiakloo Jiewei is a。”
“you,That is to replace Shaxia’s angel.。”God split looks at the sky,Turn free between the teenage and the surrounding stars,“To strengthen your own attribute, call the night,And put the moon in the spindle position.,I understand。”While talking,The crack slowly pulled out the long knife in the hand,The cold blade flashes faint cold in the moonlight.。
“Water symbol、Cyan、The guardian of the moon、Rear。In the Old Testament, destroy the fallen urban moth in the Rainstorm,Inform the Virgin in the New Testament。”God splashes softly,“Big angels on the left side of God,Be called‘Power’,Right?”
“Plus one hundred columns?”Qingyou suddenly,Hearing‘Power’when,He wakes up,did not expect,At this time, the angel that is coming is actually him.。
Plus one hundred columns‘Power’Title,In fact, it is in a certain extent,it means‘Servant’,That is to serve the god,But think of the meaning of the name of the cracked,The face of the Qing Dynasty suddenly。
Cracking fire name,Replace another meaning interpretation,Mean‘Split’,This seems to have born opposition with the meaning of the angel.,There is no geek Mi Xia has always been this reaction.。
‘Split’If you say it in the mouth,Not get‘Servant’Response。Wan like a casing that is fragmented,The invisible skin is fading,Hidden in the existence of this existing girl, complete awakened。
“Are you forgotten even the Code of Angel?。”The crack is serious about the teenage of completely turning into angels.,“No god command,You can’t do it for humans!”
Angel is still ignorant,With it, there is no change in his face.,It is better to say that she is not having an expression at this moment.,perhaps,For her,At this time, the only purpose is to go back to the sky.,Anything other than this purpose,She is already never worried.。
Girl in the skylSpike is high,Like ignited a fireline。The moon on the top becomes whitewood、Brighter。It’s like photographic lens to approach the sun.,A glimmer is produced around the dazzling moon。The gluten is central to the full moon.,Instantly expand,Finally disappeared on the horizontal line of the edge of the night sky。A wide variety of light-emitting lines,It’s like a variety of complex marks.。
“This is”The crack has changed his face for the first time.,She is dead staring at the sky, like printing, countless fine symbols,The light forehead is rare, and a sweat is。
Magic array。
The Qing Palace is not visible to the magician,But the most is the magic array of the grade of Soil Gate.,Or is it a cracked or a battle of battleability,For the power of the magic array, he really didn’t realize,Up to it is the level of the dragon king of Dragon King, which is released.,The magic arrand that can be seen in the sky is obviously not that level.。
This magic array is not only a huge size.。Take a closer look,Each spot constituting the line is another magical array。It seems like a fish in the ocean、Ants crawling on the land is general,Dozens of billions of magic arrays are arranged in a huge magic array,The huge magic array has turned into the sky in the night.,With the power of shocking the world,Make people feel。
The Qing Dynasty felt his own small。
This kind of power can even change the power of the moon,No matter how you can do it now,Qing Palace even feels,There is a kind of feeling that is unmatched。
I bite my own tongue,Qing Palace forced yourself calm down,Re-examine the angel of the sky,Make up the eyes,When he opened again when he opened again,Eye flashes a light golden Li Mang。
It is indeed a powerful power of angels.,But I have three people now here.!