“Oh!I have some trouble,Come up as soon as the solution is over”Xia Jian’s voice has not fallen。The fat man who just spoke to him has stepped forward。

He shouted:“You fucking hung up the phone,Didn’t you see that I’m talking to you??”This guy said,Reach http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn out to grab the phone in Xia Jian’s hand。
How can Xia Jian give him,She shook her body and walked away。Fat man sees it,Roar loudly:“Fuck you,Dare to play with lao tzu,Brothers beat me”
Xia Jian saw that the situation was endangered,Can’t even hang up the phone,He put the phone in his pocket。Luo Yi’s shout came from the phone,But Xia Jian couldn’t hear it at all。
Xia Jian leaned against the wall on the side of the road,This adds a natural barrier。Just guard the people in front of you。Xia Jian thought of this,I move my feet slightly,Set a T-step to deal with these people。
This fat guy is really not talking about it,Just hit it really。Maybe Xia Jian underestimated him just now,Didn’t ask him for mercy。
For fights,Xia Jian is not afraid,But these people have all kinds of belongings in their hands,Not iron,It’s rubber,Xia Jian took a look,I didn’t even see a stick。
In a hurry,He can only stretch out his hand to untie the dart bag wrapped around his waist。This group saw that there was something weird in Xia Jian’s hands,Dare not come forward for a while。
The fat man smiled:“You guys show me something,How did Brother deal with such disobedient outsiders?”Yelling fat,The half of the seamless steel pipe in his hand swept towards Xia Jian’s leg。
Xia Jian’s knees bend slightly,The whole person soars into the sky,The right foot swept out like lightning。His foot went straight to the fat man’s wrist holding the steel pipe。
Just listen to ouch,The steel pipe in the fat man’s hand fell to the ground with a bang。Face so many brothers,Fatty lost his face for a while。His chubby face,He showed a terrifying look。He said cruelly:“You foreign countryman seems to be looking for death,Bros,Give me all,Don’t show mercy”
Just for a while,Motorbike coming,And taxi,Blocked half of the road。Pedestrians on the road are so scared that they dare not http://www.rk-coder.cn go this way。Xia Jian is desperate,He was thinking,If a police car passes by at this time,Then he has hope。
Although he can fight,But so many people,If you are a little careless,Get hit by someone,He might lose combat power immediately。That turned out to be terrible,Hit him alone,He has nine lives。
But this time,,How can Xia Jian think about it?。With a shout,More than a dozen men,Rushed towards Xia Jian。
It seems that static braking is no longer useful,He has to take the initiative。Xia Jian shouted,Step out,The dart bag with six steel darts in his hand swept out with a strong wind。