“I don’t put my words in my eyes.?!”

Qing Palace suddenly waits,next moment,Oliver is screaming in the scream of people.,Along with the scarlet liquid,Presented is her fearful eyes and concentrated unbelievable eyes.。
Flush,That is something dropped.。
Her right arm,Since the Qing Palace from the shoulder site,Directly。
“Amused。”Looking at Oliver in the bloody,Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,“In front of me,You still can’t die for a while.。”
“I have to remember.,Don’t provoke mad people。”Laughing in the Qing Dynasty,Smile is very cold and horror,“pity,Academic citylevel 5,In addition to Meiqin’s hoe,Remainder”
“All is a madman.。”
(This chapter is over)
NS281chapter The next time you meet may be the enemy.
http://www.gzrichutea.cn “Academic citylevel 5Are you mad, you don’t know?。”Qing laugh in the Qing Dynasty,The slowly mentioned the hand that is only directly cut directly,Looking at the spirit of Oliver that has been on the verge of collapse,Use Oliver’s own hand little on her face,Drip blood is flowing down with the slender fingertips of the Qing Dynasty,“Who wants to kill??Who do you want to kill??”
“Do not!Do not!”Oliver is coma soon,Can be unable to completely,The most interesting thing is,I feel that she doesn’t matter if she feels?,But this kind of clear feelings you are bleeding.,But the body is not cold.,Instead, more and more hot feelings make her collapse。
“Forget it。”Mild laughter,But this smile seems to be a devil in Oliver.,“You will be dead for a while.,and,Tell you a good news,I won’t kill you.。”
Hear this news,Oliver’s eyes fiercely lit up,That is the desire for life。
“You also know that I am afraid of death.。”The Qing Palace is disgusted to see her,It seems that there is a cold,“When you kill Sko, I didn’t expect you to have such a day.?”
“A paw is a lesson of this cost.。”Qing Palace said,Throw the hand, throw it to the Oliver war,Looking at his hand, holding,Acknowledge,“Roll with your dog owner。”
Looking at almost awesome Oliver is subject to other‘staff member’Take away,Clear in the Qing Palace,Followed by turning the head,Quiet look at the direction of Si Qi。
A moment in the eyes of the Qing Palace,Si Qi Tuan did not consciously played a chill,Cause no,It is because the eyes of the Qing Palace are terrible.。
How is it a kind of eye?!The ice cold killing contained in the light golden scorpion seems to be tide.,As if you look at it, you will fall to the abyss.。Schili Tuanyi feels like a small crab on a beach,Although I know that the landing of the sea tide is not targeting yourself.,But still inevitable is rushing by tide water.。
This is the urban citylevel 5Is it terrible??Si Qijul can’t help but hit a chill。
Good in the Qing Palace, I don’t pay attention to her.。
“How is Sako??”Nothing, the big beach blood,The Qing Palace directly on the sea of clouds in the sea.,Stocused in the sky of the Yunhai Snake,The previous cold and the sinister disappeared completely,Only an anxious look left,This, let the Si Qiulong have an angry.。
“fine。”Schili Tuan took a deep breath,Press the fear in the bottom,Sleevely speaking faint,“It is a urban citylevel 5,Sure enough, it is a top-level force.。”
“Jsu Tiang is fine.。”The Qing Palace is slightly tone.,Like a laughing, watching Si Qi Tuan,“No need to install this,I am not so terrible.,‘Wings return’Magician。”
“you!”Schili Tuan pupil slammed,Body fierce,The next consciousness made the defense action,“How can you know?!”
“Not like this。”The Qing Palace shakes his head,“I don’t know much about the world of magic.,But it is not like those guys.,And there is a person who has been self-proclaimed by the Magic Master in the urban city.,So don’t have to be so。”
“Self-proclaimed Magic Master?”Si Qi Tuan squatted,“That is”
“She has a name that is familiar with you in your magic side.。”Qinggong smile,“She is called by you‘Forbidden book catalog’。”
“‘Forbidden book catalog’?”Si Qi Tuan suddenly ate,Despite different http://www.jdays.cnorganizations,But how can they be the magic side, how can they know the legendary banned book catalog??But she didn’t think of it.,The Qing Palace actually told her.,Even very familiar。
“Gossip, don’t say it.。”The Qing Palace shakes his head,Handicap,Sky floats,Directly,“First of all, thank you for saving Saku.,This kind of grace,If you have anything to help in the future, I need to help.,I am never resolved。”
“Oh?”Schili Tuan’s eyes,Then calm down,“Then what?”
Although Xi Qi Tuan is not exposed to others,But she is not a stupid person,Instead, it is very keen to react to the color of the Qing Dynasty.。
“Second, I am not interested in participating in the magic relationship with the magic side and the envuls of the city.,”The Qing Palace shakes his head,“The purpose of our coming here is just to learn from the wide area.http://www.sxdfzj.cn ,in other words,We only hope to enjoy this trip within our time.。”
Schilo is silent。