Dead, silence。
Conference room,Everyone is stupid。
They know Western world,Know the nine hegemon,Know that the heaven and earth,I will even pay attention to the news of the underground world.。
but,Their own social status,Determined to be very far from these。
Perhaps in the very common human eye,The day and moon door is influential in several areas in Hong Kong.。
In fact,They are still in the bottom。
At this moment,Never thought of,The second night is actually followed by two God list!
No need to explain more。
God list,It is already enough to let them understand the situation before.。
Da da da。
The second night of the beautiful face has no expression,Watching everyone in the conference room。
No one dares to look at her。
at last,Staring with He Laixia。
Continue to walk。
Da da da。
Footstere is not fast,The sound is not high,But let the atmosphere will go to the freezing point。
At this moment。
In people’s eyes。
The second night is no longer the big martial arts.,It is no longer a chairman who has no thoughts for the brothers.。
on the contrary,Her pair of eyes,Bring all the people who blege bones。
“Night……Do not,Chairman,I,I……Look in me and you, beans is a brother……”
He Laixiao arrived before,Blouse,Parenteral legs,An unprecedented fear between looks。
More than a dozen secret cultivated elites,Instant is spike,Don’t want to know,Arrange their own people outside,Affairs is also violent。
Two god experts,It’s too dead.。
He didn’t have anything.。
So-called,I finally became a joke。“Six uncles,Since my elderly beans,I treat you as the closest person.,It is also the most trusted elder,Even if He Yong is another three to me,I have to bear it.,扪心 心,What is the second night, I can’t help but my father??I also ask you,I am second night