After modification,The three-respecting swordsman, the old armor is standing on the ground。

Summer laughing,“You re-refine,Adapt to it as soon as possible,Give them a surprise。”
The ancient and Zhang Changshou also look forward to it.,Not dare to neglect,Refining the armor。
Three days later,They wear the armor of the sword magic old form,Be careful to leave the cave。
Finally climbed to a height,The probe looks down。
Small half of the valley income。
“These swordsman are also awkward……”
Zhang Changshou 哝。
I only see the mountain walls below.,Each corner,There is a sword magic old town。
As long as there is an abnormality,Other places will find the first time。
at the same time,A sword demon is responsible for a zone,That is also collective action when patrolling。
Thoroughly eliminate the possibility of missing。
“Wanfu,How to do?”
“Break down one by one。”Summer is like early preparation,Faint,“You return to the cave ambush,I caused him,At the same time。”
Two people,Quietly。
Half,Summer explore half of the boulder,The nearest sword magic is far away from the nearest sword.。
Tight and returned。
The sword magic of the guard is standing up.,The eyes revealed in the eyes。
He naturally saw the summer。
Even if he hides stone and face,The huge idea also looks clear。
It is one of the previous disappears。
Now,He lifted,Electric shot。
Curved mountain corner,Also, there is a sword magic old town。
See the companion fly,Immediately。
“I saw Xuan,What does he seem to have encountered anything?,I gonna go see。”
The sword devil responded,Still quickly brushing to the boulder on the summer。
Summer immediately pass the fluctuation information。
“I found a secret behind it.,follow me……”
Do not give the opponent chance,Jut forward。
After a moment,This sword magic is old, with the summer.。
Summer has no sign of launch。
The ancient and Zhang Changshou also flashed from the hole。