“Not。”Summer http://www.54piano.cn laughing,Say,“There are still many trivia needs to handle,Do not worry,I didn’t die this time.,There are not a few people who can kill me.。”

Liu Qingqing is a lip,I finally reveal my heart.,“summer,We……We also have a child.。”
Summer,Nice,“good,starting today,We strive to make people。”
“go,Not at all。”
Liu Qingqing is shame,I have no refuting,In response to the eye。
All the way,Both people come to Baihua Group。
Liu Qingqing has not played for a long time.,Naturally there is a lot of things to handle。
Summer is as long as,A small white face in the eyes of employees。
But in the afternoon three o’clock,He received a call。
“Mr. Xia,I am Joys,I have already come to Huaxia Qinghai。”
Joyce old voice,“if you have time,I want to see you.。”
Holy Spirito?
Summer is first,Some surprised,Glance,Spin,“good。”
NS2636chapter Joyce’s hint
Summer coffee house。
I didn’t expect in summer.,Joyce will choose to meet him here.。
When he just entered the coffee house,I saw the fairytie next to the bar.。
The waiters around also secretly touch,God of mind。
“Come with me。”
Xianti came,Summer up and down,Language is not a wire,Astigmatism。
After the end,Walking towards the second floor。
Summer keep up,When walking to the corner,He asked,“How do you know that I am coming?。”
“You are insulting your IQ,Still in the Xiaowei Western famous Holy Spirit?”
Xianti slowed down,Torp,“Man,Ah,Sometimes it is ruthless.。”
Summer,Human animal is harmless,“Didn’t I have called you??”
“Right,Call the phone,Two sentences,the first word,I am me,Second sentence,I am very http://www.sannianjiuban.cn good.,Third sentence,I still have something,Busy。”
Xianti’s eyelids are slightly red,“You don’t know what others are。”
Summer is grimming,“You are wrong.。”
At the same time,“look,the first word,I am me,Second sentence,I am very good.,Third sentence,I still have something,Busy。This is three sentences,Not two sentences。”