“understood,I can take care of Kisi.。”

Bronia stretched a hand and pulled his,“Next, we have to win the spirit of the twelve points.。”
“About another matter,Let’s talk about it later,In the past, there were some guess in the heart of Baronia.,So your business is not too unexpected to Bronia.。”
The inner inserted in his heart was stunned.,“I have known it before.?”
She clearly feels that she is a good job.,At least Roshalia and Lilya have no difference between her and the table personality.。
Cannia’s words,Obviously, I will know when I was young.……
“I……I do not know either。”Higer responded to the person in the heart:“Hi, you know,I have never speaking this one with the sister of Bronia.。”
The Hibutic Hand covered on the face,“I know,Now solve the annoying guy first.。”
First and Hanjiang showpass,Because Han Jiang is later known,I have seen two Hirs.,The ability to have the waters of the sea,Have strong ability to bear。
But why Boniya sister will know before??
Han Jiang is soaring,It’s hard to get the place where the buds disappeared.,Cracks have disappeared。
Focusing can also induce space fluctuations,Han Jiang Gun covered flame,Give an allegation that the fluctuations are http://www.fhlove.cn stabbed。
Three corridors in the base are done,Turn it to the ground。
“team leader,Not good,Strong fluctuations in the base,Location in the 9th floor of the 16th floorEMouth!”The sound of Oralte furtia appeared in the team channel。
“Cough!”Han Jiang said quickly:“Just now, I am coming out.,Release after reason,Next, there should be vibration,Don’t care more。”
Hear the explanation of Hanjiang,Fu Lai Deire said in the channel:“Everyone is far from the 16th floor corridor。”
Yishue Deal down the command call,The female martial arts of the destitute stopped to support the footsteps,Continue to search the traces of the dominant。
Lita biting teeth after flying behind Yanlan,“What is the Han Jiang going?,The support of the law has not yet appeared,Do he want to take the base??”
“what~I am very good.http://www.neteasyall.cn。”At this time, Lita also found that the buds and Qi Yana signal disappeared.,“It is his two girlfriends.。”
“girlfriend……two?”Tour Ali is completely shocked by Lita’s words.。
Rita hurriedly swayed,“Han Jiang did not recognize,It is my guess.,Fungu Del……”
“Don’t talk about others in the mission.。”Fu Lai Deer said seriously。
Her idea is to find the remaining dominant to solve the other things as soon as possible.,But Rita wants to。
Litta feels that Kellere is to maintain Hanjiang.,I don’t want to hear the word about Han Jiang’s friend.。
He is more hurtful to Hanjiang.。
“Bronia sister……”Heier worried about Bronia。
Reissue the rabbit to become a lap,Consumption to protect two people。
“It’s fine,Hanjiang can handle good。”
Miger Heier lazy said:“This time is the two people enter.,Han Jiang’s http://www.sushidelivery.cn movement is not small……”
I think about it in my heart.,If you disappear,Han Jiang will not be this reaction。
Not a partner?,Then he has a partner that he just recognizes himself.,Will it be very concerned??
“Do not worry,Han Jiang brother will solve it。”Xier said the words of Bronia,Repeat the personality。
Richeli smile,Say:“Worried you first.,How do I feel that I am protected?。”
“We must protect each other!”Table personality。