Zhejiang enterprises produced cotton machine in Xinjiang

  "The driver’s license taken in September this year, I will send a big usage. Now I am alive in a week!" Recently, in the Toybengdi Town, Shaya County, Aksu, Xinjiang, 23 years old. Lectrami, Abye is driving in cotton field. I saw a cotton peach in the autumn wind. The white flowers, the cotton, and the red cotton machine shouted in the "white ocean". As Jiaxing’s counterpart support area, Shaya County is a national-level high-quality commercial cotton production base. In the past, the blue sky and white clouds can be seen in the blue sky. "Hand-working is hard and time consuming, now I can harvest cotton 200 acres a day, can do more than 600 floors." Ablikemu A. said. Abychiku, Abye, driving cotton, from Shaya, Shiwout Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

The company was introduced from Jiaxing City, which was introduced from Jiaxing, in September 2018.

With the sharp increase in cotton machine, the company has evolved on the expressway. Last year, he was awarded the title of "Zhejiang Aid High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry" by Zhejiang Province.

The cotton machine produced this year has long been sold, and the total output value is expected to exceed 500 million yuan.

  The cotton machine is hot, and the cotton machine is also popular.

Since 2019, the company also jointly launched cotton operators training in Shaya County Agricultural Machinery Technology Extension Station. Two classes must be opened for a year, and the registration is hot. It is currently more than 1,000 people, and the age is basically 20 to 45 years old.

  Last year, the 31-year-old Shaya County Gaizuku Township Ranch Village farmer Ai Husier Ai Zi loan purchased a cotton machine and hired two handle to help harvest. However, the more lives, the more you are obviously not enough, and Euler Aizi simply went to the company to sign up for the training class and got the driver’s license this year. The entire cotton season, Ai Holi Aizi is expected to have three or 40,000 yuan income.

  Li Yang, deputy director of the Agricultural Rural Area of ??Sha Ya County, said that this county planting cotton wandering this year, the cotton machine has exceeded 80%, and the mechanization operation has changed the original working model, and a large number of farmers are liberated from the land, more and more Many young people learn new technologies, driving mining machines, walking into the road. There are more than 700 cotton movies like Abarkmum, Shaya County, mostly a strong guy in 30 years old.

  "Cotton is my ‘happiness flower’, this career is very beautiful, Yaki!" Busy an afternoon, Ablike Wood is close to the cotton field to fill the stomach.

"Although I have worked hard, but I can earn more than 1700 yuan a day, I can buy a house in the county!" Ablikemu Abye said, after another month, he is getting married, the future day will Getting better and better! (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.