"123 Working Law", press "two new" development "fast forward"

Suzhou Xinying New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Party Branch implements the "Party Building + Production" Party Construction Leading Project, adhering to the "Belief Jian, Atmosphere, Service Excellent" Theory, Explore "123 Working Law", really grasped the strength and comprehensive improvement of branch cohesiveness and combat power, Gradually grow into the "Heartan Party Branch" in Qiantang Town, contributing to the "two new" forces in Qiangtang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City.

Under the leadership of the Party Branch, the company has received the regional tax contribution prize in the region, the Science and Technology Innovation Award; 2018 Excellent Enterprise "Social Responsibility Award", 2017-2019 Civilization Unit, District 2020 Social Responsibility Award, etc. Rongdeng 2020 District Party Construction "Physical Examination" "Advanced List". "1" alliance, built a large stage Suzhou New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Party Branch, the party branch of Qiantang Town, "The Heart Steedlla", actively playing the leading role, as a leader unit, vigorously promoting the establishment of Qantang Town "intelligence Home Appliances Industry Party Construction Alliance, effectively stimulates party construction vitality, release development potential, forming the new situation of party building leader, the development of the industry, contributing to the "three" development goals of "two".

"2" classroom, condense large energy party spirit cultivation "master class". Diversified Party Class, Party History Knowledge Competition, "School Party Shi Xin", Talk about the Talk, send a school, red view, etc., effectively enhance the initiative and effectiveness of all party members, guide Party members revive the years, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, learn from the efforts of the party’s 100-year extraordinary journey, struggling to promote high quality construction and development of enterprises. Arcks the model "preaching".

Combined with the enterprise "Dragon Tiger" evaluation activities, "the example is the way around", "the people around the world," 2021 Suzhou labor model "- Workshop Director Wang Zhengang," 2021 Excellent Party Work "- Branch Secretary Week, Ming Ming into the workshop, telling the practice of work, sharing work experience, guiding business employees to be a benchmark, struggling to catch up, carrying out the hard work, and pioneering the work style, set off a new boom.

"3" project, play a large role to create a two-way training "elite" project. Implementing the "Party Members" to drive the project, through cross-service, two-way entry, deepen the "two-way cultivation" of the party members, and realize business work and party construction work "two hands arrest, two inconsishes." Promote visiting the "warm heart" project. Actively carry out volunteer activities such as "love, send warmth", etc., organize and visit condolences and help difficulties.

Strengthen the "Responsibility" project of social services. Widely mobilized enterprise employee participates in the endless blood donation, practice the ideological concept of serving the society and gives back to society.

In the face of the epidemic, the party members of the organization branch are in front, before, strict implementation of "two investigation and one test" prevention measures, use small speakers, propaganda columns, WeChat groups, etc. , A total of fuck. (相 萱 萱 相 相 城 镇).