[HD] Fuzhou Dongxiang District: love tooth teeth from small

The oral doctor explains the knowledge of the protection of teeth on the spot.Chen Yongkang photos in Nanchang, September 20, recently, the first kindergarten in Dongxiang District, Jiangxi Province, launched the "Skating Tooth Tooth Take Habpe, Happy Health Life" Theme Activity Campaign, greeted the 33th "National Love Tooth Day"Let the children develop good habits that love tooth and protect the teeth.Event invites oral doctors to explain the knowledge about protecting teeth on the spot and learn the correct brushing method.Through this event, the children have further understanding the health knowledge of the teeth, recognizing the basic characteristics and protection of the teeth.(Mao Si Yuan Hui Fang) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Shuai Wei) Sharing let more people see.