"Intelligent Traffic" officially published the "China Mode" monograph in China.

  On December 2nd, "Intelligent Transportation: The Major Change of Humans’ Future 10 – 40 Years" (hereinafter referred to as "Intelligent Transportation") is published by People’s Publishing House, which is released in Xinhua Bookstore in the country now. The book is under the guidance of traffic power, the domestic head system explains the status quo and prospect of China’s intelligent transportation development, and the whole book combines China’s perspective and international vision, analyzes and expounds intelligent transportation construction. ". "Intelligent Traffic" author is Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Li Yanhong.

A total of 330,000 words, divided into 12 chapters, covering the main areas of intelligent transportation, including intelligent transportation operators, intelligent credit, wisdom parking, car road coordinating, smart high-speed, smart car and automatic driving, map, maas travel, intelligent Traffic and carbon neutralization, human machine mixed era.

The book not only explains the integration of technology and transportation industry, but also analyzes 30 representative city cases, providing a practical reference and direction guidelines for traffic intelligence transformation. Mandarin, Chairman of China Science and Technology Association, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bai Chunli, Chinese Academy of Engineering Pan Yunhe.

Wan Steel said that this book summarizes innovation, exploration and practice in the field of automatic driving, smart transportation, echoes the "Traffic Sports" Times.

Bai Chunli pointed out that "intelligent transportation" thinks about traffic and economic social dialectics, combing traffic intelligence development context, looking forward to traffic operation management, and even human relationships, the empirical is rich, readable is quite high.

Pan Yunhe mentioned that intelligent transportation is an intelligent system with depth and breadth. Zhang Yinqin, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the evaluation, deep learning and intelligent robots are reconstructed by future automobiles, transportation and cities, "intelligent transportation", with new ideas and strategic thinking to intelligent traffic scientists, industrial leaders and policy makers bring new Enlightenment and inspiration. Li Yanhong said that my country has leading scientific and technological talent bonuses, with rich artificial intelligent application scenarios, with unparalleled good policy environments, China’s intelligent transportation construction will be in the forefront of the world.

This book is a summary accumulated in the field of deep intelligent transportation in Baidu for more than 8 years. The book systematically proposes six major innovation philosophy and model in China’s intelligent transportation, that is, intelligent traffic carrier model, car road collaborative automatic driving, adaptive intelligent credit system, and high-level automatic driving technical difficulties above L4 level. Breakthrough, Maas travel, service mode, map ETA traffic time intelligent estimate and appointment travel. The book also scientifically depicts the future of intelligent transportation: intelligent transportation systems constructed by new technologies, new ideas, new models, is expected to reduce 90% traffic safety accidents; within 5 years, China’s first-tier cities will no longer need "limited purchase" and "Failure"; within 10 years, relying on transportation efficiency and urban congestion problem will basically solve; with the popularity of sharing drones, the demand for private cars will be significantly reduced.