Yunnan Guangnan: "God Tree" with "Gold Fruit"

Wenshan State tax department staff visited garlic fruit enterprises. People’s Network Kunming October 13th China Cooperate is a national second-class precious noodle tree species and Yunnan Province minimal population protection tree species, with extremely high medicinal value, ecological value, economic value, due to its fruit, and It is known as garlic fruit, which is located in Guangnan County, Wenshan, Yunnan Province. In recent years, the Guangnan County Government has adhered to the ecological priority, green development direction, through technology research and development, realizing the artificial cultivation of garlic fruit, the rare and endangered plants that have hidden deep mountains have become local to the local, developing biomedicine, healthy industries, help farmers "Gold Fruit".

In order to help local cultivation of ecological resources, local tax departments will optimize business environment, escort the prosperity of agricultural industry in the business environment. Yunnan Beiwu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a modern deep processing enterprise in Guangnian County through investment in Guangnan County in 2017, mainly investing, planting and developing garlic fruit resources. "Timely enjoy the tax-selling policy, and successfully got a credit loan, the national policy support and the high-quality and efficient service of the tax authorities allow the company to make the company more developed confidence." Yunnan Beiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is responsible for people Gu Fu said. It is reported that since the company’s landing in Guangn, the local tax department has passed the timely research and analysis, timely combing the policy list of tax cuts, declaration, declaration, declaration process and precautions, and specify special people in a timely manner. One-on-one "tracking counseling, reducing tax and fee for the company. At the same time, the joint financial institutions carry out "Silver Tax Interaction", through loan application, assessment, credit, lending "one-stop", helping the company successfully applied for 800,000 credit loans to effectively alleviate the company’s financing challenge. In order to help the garlic fruit to further achieve "breeding, planting, research and development, sales, sales", the local tax department continues to strengthen in the management service, launching business handling, policy push, risk Tip, Q & A and other "package" services, ensuring that all profit-owned farm tax fees are fully implemented, and maximize the cost energy consumption of industrial development.

The industrial is prosperous and the village is revitalized.

Nowadays, Guangnan County has achieved the urban construction of garlic fruits by building a "government + scientific research unit + leading enterprises + professional cooperative + farmers".

The economic efficiency after planting, the wild garlic fruit resources, the ridiculous mountains are turned into the "Jinshan" of Qingshan. Golden Autumn October, is the season of harvest of garlic fruit.

"The fruit is picking up, there is a company to collect, and it is not just a sale.

Xiao Guo has a lot of money, big two or three dollars, garlic fruit harvest ‘size’, sold 10,000 yuan last year, this year’s income is much higher than last year.

Lu Canhong, villager, village, village in the old Mo Township, Guangan County. It is understood that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Guangnan County will achieve a million mu of base, billions of investment, millions of money "Trillow" is the goal, built a 1 million acres of Chinese neocodecrate industry bases, and the Chinese neocyanic tree is built into the province and even the national advantageous biological resources. Next, Wenshan State Taxation will continue to increase the green Support for economic development, do a good job in the implementation of tax reduction and tax reduction policy, the tax service initiative is more refined, the Huimin’s profittering article, helps place to continue, high-quality ecological and rich people, continue to promote Biodiversity Protection and Wild Plant Resources Development and Utilization.

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