Gao Zhenpu: Zhou Prime Minister’s words to teach gifts

  Zhou Enlai, Deng Ying super-personal guards, the original Central Guard, Deputy Director, high Zhen Pu, will tell the netizens in the memory of the week. Gao Zhenpu said that the staff of the Prime Minister’s office is in accordance with the thought of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao. For example, it is not allowed to accept the local delivery of local products, gifts.

Not only have to be returned, but also criticized. "The Prime Minister’s one fell like this, his approach is to ask us.

We are also impossible to use the name of the Prime Minister, ask what is pointing, because the prime minister is nothing. "And Prime Minister to Guangzhou, bananas are cheap, but there is no one to buy a pound to bring it back. In Xinjiang, there is a cantaloupe who can’t see Beijing in winter, but also because it is afraid of impact, no one is bought. High Zhenpu Remember, Zhou Enlai Every time the Prime Minister finishes his business, the Prime Minister will put the brush, pencil, and print on the desk.

When standing up and left the seat, you have to push the chair in the middle.

"Can I affect us like this? We have to do this.

(Li Wei).