Gao Pingqing Dream View Qun in the Millennium

From the Town Town Town Town, Gaoping City, the town is 100 meters east of the cement road, and the hill named Soups Mountain.

Four weeks in palatacious, quiet and clear dreams.

Dreaming is a look, the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection unit protection markers are standing outside the ancient view. According to the "Gaoping County" record: "Jin Ji Zhizhen, No. Duezi, Huangzhong Wuyue, the words of the words" a dream ear, the ‘House is a well-known name, "Dream is here name. Dream of Dream View is 68 meters long, 35 meters wide, covers an area of ??2380 square meters, and the second-way hospital is in the north. The mountain gate, the middle, the hut of the middle axis extends to the north, left and right, beam, with the hall, the room, the Ear hall.

According to the "creation of the Dream Owner" inside the observant, the Dream View is created in the second year of Yuan Zhongtong (AD 1261), which is the Southern Song Dynasty, and the founder is Taoist Ji Ji Xuan. Ming Wan Di 4 decades (AD 1612), Qing Jiaqing twenty-two years (AD 1817), Daoguang four years (AD 1824) has been repaired.

As the three-day temple of the building of the Yuan Dynasty, it is undoubtedly the most "worth" architecture in the Qing Dynasty. It is also a magic weapon of the sixth batch of cultural relics national security units released by the State Council in 2006. The whole building is rigorous, feature.

The three-faceted walls are filled with murals.

East, west, south-sided wall murals, each in a quadrrise, four squares length is about 40 cm, about 30 cm high, the mural is compact, and the radio is connected.

The murals on the north wall are two people painting, the image is full, and very evident.

However, due to the long time, there is now no intact mural, but the coming is coming to the four-sided wall, it can still feel the full mural full of color, live flexible characters and smooth lands. Mural content is diverse: people with travel, there is a banquet, and the scene of the city, realistic, and unable to say.

These murals are very special, and the characters and plots are surrounded by four squares. From the first to the eightyth, each of them has titles, a story is a story, like it is a coming. Dreams are not just murals, and the paintings on the Sanqing Temple are also very characteristic. The five-stranded bottom surface of the red bottom of the green line.

The pentaps of the five bears are used as the torrot of the beam, with Zhu Hong as the bottom, painted the ink green, and the flowers are blue and white two colors, red flower.

The hometown of the north of the three Qing Dynasty, because the main hall is the emperor, so the people in the village are also used to the "Yu Huang Temple".

Although the Jade Temple is repaired by the Ming Dynasty, it can be known from the inside of the inside of the insistence. It is a wooden architecture, and the wood component is still retained.

Therefore, the Jade Temple is an example of studying the transition evolution of Yuan Dynasty. In order to study the physical data of the building of the Ming Dynasty in Gaoping, it has a high history and artistic value.

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