Hubei Second Division students Sanxiang: Dew is hung, welcoming students

  China Youth Network Huanggang November 18 (correspondent Chen Yang) On July 7, the 13th college students of the Ministry of the Second Normal University of Hubei Second Normal College Computer College Fang Guo Primary School conducted social practice.

The team members registered students in the school in the morning and arranged students to enter the classroom.Then, parent members and student exchange activities were held.After lunch, the students officially began to class after the classroom lunch break.

On the occasion of the school, the players organize their children in order to return to the parents and the school bus.

At the end, the team members conducted exchanges and summary on a day, and discussed and proposed an idea for the problems, and the work was carried out to accumulate experience.The picture shows the children after the end of the lunch, and the sun shot in the classroom is blocked.

Chinese Youth Network correspondent Chen Yang.