73 Army brigade preparing for flexibility to adjust the training schedule to improve quality and efficiency

Original title: Midnight started to air the fight against the officers and soldiers deployed drills at night.

Xiongjian She midsummer, western Zhejiang somewhere Showers early break. Remote field training maneuver so far carried out the first 73 Army brigade, suddenly sounding the air raid sirens at midnight. On positions, missile array, radar spinner, even the launch of a battalion operating radar grenade Chen glued to the screen, fast typing on the keyboard, perform a search of the empty goal, a ground and air combat exercise hoc expansion.

"I say ‘ad hoc’, because as planned, tonight should be a place to rest, temporarily adjust the training program to the Air Force on the table.

"The brigade for training chief Hu Xiang Jian told reporters, after they establish joint training mechanism and air force brother forces, subject to conditions, weather and other constraints, the flight plan is often a temporary adjustment, if taken too literally go in accordance with the training program, they often encounter" no rival " an embarrassing situation, resulting in training "hollow." to maximize the use of training resources and good Air force brothers against each other conditions, flexibility to adjust their training schedule, and strive to take off once the aircraft, it is appropriate to expand confrontational training, continue to temper troops to-air fight ability.

Round fight just ended, the brigade will be transferred quickly organized the battlefield at night twilight conditions.

Officers and the use of gestures, whispered, weak light source and other methods of communication, all vehicles and equipment arrive on time and ready position in Yean environment, immediately launch a new round in the fight against empty after the completion of concealment and camouflage. The face of multi-batch, multi-directional incoming "enemy", to distinguish each module units, constitute far in the past, high school low multiple anti-aircraft barrage, joint air defense, self fight. Since encamping carried out, the brigade and Air Force each other brothers and rivals more than 10 ground and air combat exercises to strengthen the whole fast search, steady, accurate tracking, and other technical and tactical courses specializing in refining, air defense forces to improve combat capability test. (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.